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Content delivery: set it and forget it

Build your documentation portal on the fly with XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager

Many organizations struggle to make the right technical and support content available to their customers. Structured authoring promises multi-channel deliverables, but no effective way of actually delivering them!

Some organizations build their own portal or rely on point solutions to handle content delivery, which often results in manual processes, reliance on the web team, and inconsistent customer experience. With XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager, you get an end-to-end solution for managing your technical content.

Powerful yet flexible migration workflows and an easy-to-use online XML editor make content creation dead simple. Collaborative review and translation management have never been easier. And of course, it’s all tightly integrated with Adobe’s industry-leading web content management system, Adobe Experience Manager Sites. This empowers you to deliver content faster and more scalably than ever before.

Join Chad Dybdahl, Adobe Solutions Consultant, exploring the benefits of an all-in-one content creation, management, and delivery platform. Powered by Adobe’s DITA CCMS and web content management solutions, and join the thriving experience economy.

Key Discoveries

  • Benefits of an integrated, end-to-end content creation and delivery platform
  • See a modern, themeable documentation portal in action
  • Make your content findable, NOT just searchable