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Driving Digital-First Engagement: Emerging Technologies and Strategies

Engaging With People in a Digital-First World

Technology, by its very nature, is always evolving. However, it does seem that the evolution is happening faster than ever. Our patterns of communication, interactions, and learning have changed radically. We used to joke that the minute you drove your newly-purchased car off the lot, it decreased in value by a significant percentage. Today, your device is obsolete before the purchase transaction goes through...

Knowledge-Powered Digital Containment: 6 Steps to Get There

Digital containment is a win-win for the customer and the business. Today’s customers are going from digital-first to digital-only. In other words, they are content with being completely “contained” in digital channels. From the perspective of the business, providing assistance through traditional channels such as phone, storefront, and branch office touchpoints is far more expensive than digital...