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Special Report - Choosing a Competitive Intelligence Platform

Generative AI Meets Competitive Intelligence

When considering a competitive intelligence (CI) program, many people think it’s a simple matter of identifying who your competitors are and setting up an alert to follow the news about those companies. The reality is considerably more complex. Competition is not limited to companies; it could be the economy, technology, regulations, or something totally unforeseen, such as a global health emergency. Nor is it restricted to companies whose existence as a competitor you are already aware of...

Choosing a Competitive Intelligence Platform

The business discipline of competitive intelligence (CI) taps into a wide range of information resources and requires that practitioners synthesize voluminous information quickly and accurately. Then, they have to share the insights broadly within the organization to product managers, marketing managers, product developers, R&D, strategic planners, M&A, and executive business leaders. In other words, CI is ripe for a knowledge management solution...