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Special Report- The Rise of Chatbots and Interactive Virtual Assistants

Let’s Talk: Building Conversational AI Systems That Work

Chatbots and IVRs (interactive virtual assistants) have become essential tools for customer service operations. Paralleling their increasing ability to deliver accurate, even insightful, answers to customers’ questions and concerns is people’s acceptance of interacting with a computer. As we move toward a self-service world in many aspects of modern life, such as pumping our own gas, ordering restaurant food via a touchscreen, and online purchasing, it’s no surprise that chatbots are now considered a normal addition to customer service and customer support...

The Rise of Chatbots and Interactive Virtual Assistants

As we’re getting ready to go to print, ChatGPT from Open.ai was opened to public and has impressed with its uncanny ability to generate text when given a prompt. It also claims to be able to engage in conversation with humans. We decided to assess some of the limits of its ability to converse, comparing it to another approach to dialogue, specifically Openstream’s Eva, a plan-based collaborative multimodal dialogue system. A more detailed analysis is available in our blog at:https://openstream.ai/ chatGPT-and-dialogue...