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Special Report: 8 Steps to More Dynamic Knowledge Management With Intelligent Search

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Search Prevents Knowledge Loss

The Great Resignation, a phrase popularized during pandemic times, resonates deeply with those in the KM world. Since they are concerned with preserving knowledge, they do not view resignations with joy. Closely aligned with the Great Resignation is another “great” phenomenon affecting KM—the Great Retirement. Knowledge managers have, for years, confronted the issue of knowledge walking out the door when employees left, whether due to resignations or retirements. The difference this time around is the scale. The greater numbers of employees leaving results in a greater loss of institutional knowledge...

8 Steps to More Dynamic Knowledge Management With Intelligent Search

Knowledge Management (KM) faces several challenges today, including the unprecedented employee churn known as “the great reshuffle.” Add with stale or incomplete knowledge repositories, KM efforts can stall, leaving employees without the benefit of institutional knowledge. Using intelligent enterprise search offers the potential for a more dynamic, instantaneous, and on-demand form of KM. With fast, relevant answers to knowledge questions, people can discover knowledge as they need it...