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Special Report: How AI Can Future-Proof Service and Support

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Future Proofing KM With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) pervades our modern world, probably more than many people realize. It taps into existing knowledge in innovative and exciting ways to create new information that is useful in so many aspects of our daily lives. It’s in our phones and in our cars. It helps determine what advertisements we see and what products are available in our local stores. It powers devices in our smart homes, including intelligent voice assistants, such as Alexa or Siri, and doorbell cameras, such as Nest or Ring. Our financial institutions use AI to detect fraudulent transactions, and online maps reveal heavy traffic areas that we should avoid while driving. AI is, indeed, deep into the knowledge business...

How AI Can Future-Proof Service and Support: Five Questions to Ask

In my daily conversations and reading, I’m struck by a paradox that enterprise leaders are facing: companies have made huge investments in creating information and documentation of all types to support employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Yet the consumers of that information are having a harder time than ever getting the precise answers they need. Nowhere is this more prevalent right now—and more costly—than in customer support...