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Special Report: Gaining Competitive Advantage With Effective Enterprise Search

Gaining Competitive Advantage With Knowledge Sharing

Businesses of all stripes, from large conglomerates to professional service firms and smaller enterprises, yearn for competitive advantage. Put simply, competitive advantage is when customers buy from your company rather than your competitor’s, whether it’s ice cream, auto parts, legal services, or something else. Competitive advantage means different things to different companies...

Gaining Competitive Advantage With Effective Enterprise Search

Key Capabilities to Consider

“Unless your organization has perfectly managed knowledge, there’s going to be a time in every hour of every workday when someone can’t find what they need or doesn’t know where to go to find it.”—Lisa Gianakos, ALPM, Director, Practice Technology Solutions, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw
Pitman, LLP

Knowledge workers, including lawyers, spend up to 22 percent of their work hours searching documents scattered across dozens or more of internal data sources—from email, matter management and document management systems to Microsoft™ SharePoint™, billing systems, cloud storage, file share drives and more....