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Special Report: Optimizing Digital Workspaces and Intranets

Entering the Digital Workplace

What does a digital workplace look like and how would you know if you walked into one of them? First of all, you would not walk into it at all. It will show up on a screen near you rather than be in a physical space. If you think of an office as a place with a large wooden desk flanked by massive bookshelves and comfortable chairs for visitors, you’re either thinking of last century or old movies. The coveted corner office has moved to the corner of your living room or possibly a corner of your dining room table. The digital workplace may well have become, at least for some workers, deskless. And we’ve realized that the ironing board is not really serviceable as a replacement desk for the long term...

Your 3-Step Guide to a Successful Digital Workplace Implementation

Creating an effective digital working environment requires more than just knowledge management or a social intranet—it needs people, knowledge and content to work fluidly and in a unified manner. To improve employee effectiveness, organizations must ensure access to definitive knowledge across the organization and ensure that the underlying content is AI-ready (so the system is able to grow with you and take advantage of advancing technology capabilities as they become available)...