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Insights Into Intelligent Search

Putting the Pieces Together for Intelligent Search

Something surprising happened when people went into shelter at home mode as a result of the global pandemic: The demand for jigsaw puzzles soared. At one point, they were almost impossible to buy as online stores were sold out. Searches for puzzles boomed. Jigsaw puzzle manufacturers scrambled to make more. Instructions for making your own appeared online. Puzzles themselves appeared online. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube got into the act, offering online puzzles and puzzle solving tips...

Supercharge Your Organization With Intelligent Search

According to The Economic Times, the average employee spends 25% of their time searching for the knowledge and expertise they need to do their job. In an age of lightning-fast technology, intuitive collaboration tools and rapid data analysis, this inefficiency seems absurd. But, in modern organizations, often made up of numerous siloed departments, knowledge-sharing poses a major challenge...