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Special Report Overcoming the Top E-Discovery Challenges

Overcoming E-discovery Challenges

These are uncertain times. With a business slowdown in some sectors, legal departments are taking stock of what they need to be doing going forward. They are re-assessing their processes and re-evaluating how to operate in a more effective fashion. Uncertainty, unfortunately, also leads to more, not less, litigation. This is a good time to think through how to handle the increased workload. That includes e-discovery.

Overcoming COVID-19, Litigation, and Regulatory Challenges: Examining how corporate legal teams can achieve pre-pandemic greatness in e-discovery activities with post-pandemic budgetary constraints

For years, technology adoption in legal departments has been a challenge—in part because there’s a learning curve. But recently, with GCs and CLOs having given the green light to their e-discovery teams to adopt technology, more work has been moving in-house.

Obtaining e-discovery technology that integrates and works with other software used throughout the enterprise can help answer these challenges: the converging priorities among IT, privacy, compliance, security, and legal— as well as create cost and time savings so that teams can focus on major priorities.