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Rapid information access is a must-have in today's dynamic business landscape. In fact, 92% of enterprise leaders agree that access to fast, accurate information from unstructured content is vital to their business. Enter: AI; transforming knowledge-based work — with the right guardrails in place.

Join Joe McKendrick, author and analyst for Unisphere Research, and Jason Zhou, VP of Solutions, Services, & Customer Success of Pryon, for an insightful discussion on using AI to extract useful knowledge from enterprise content.

You'll learn about:

– The biggest findings from the 2024 Survey on Information Discovery by Unisphere Research
– How stalled information access is costing enterprises thousands of hours of productivity
– Leading barriers to delivering business-critical knowledge to end users
– Top Knowledge AI use cases enterprise leaders are exploring for 2024
– Strategies for implementing riskless and rapid Knowledge AI solutions across your organization

Don't miss this chance to gain exclusive insights from two industry experts in an engaging hour-long session.

Join us for this live event on Thursday, March 21, 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET.

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Joe McKendrick
author and analyst for Unisphere Research
Jason Zhou
VP of Solutions, Services, & Customer Success
Marydee Ojala
KMWorld magazine