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Over the past several years, companies have been increasingly investing in knowledge management technologies, but if they don't also focus on change management and building a culture of knowledge engagement, they won't get a return on their investment.

Businesses must create a knowledge engagement strategy: the practice of proactively harnessing and building upon a core set of knowledge, empowering teams to tap into a collective source of intellect so that the value and utility of knowledge constantly grows. And when teams have the means to tap into that collective intelligence, they're able to take informed actions that positively impact revenue, retention, and innovation.

Guest speaker Heather Carr, Business Process Improvement Consultant, will present the critical steps organizations need to take to start building a knowledge engagement strategy. Leigh Anne Reynolds, Sr. Director of Marketing at Bloomfire, will provide insights based on her experience working with Bloomfire customers to create cultures of knowledge engagement.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

-- Identify and address your organization's knowledge engagement needs
-- Establish a steering committee to define knowledge engagement objectives that will set your organization up for success
-- Map existing knowledge and gaps within your organization

Don't miss this live event on Tuesday, March 29th, 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET.

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Leigh Anne Reynolds
Sr. Director of Marketing
Heather Carr
Business Process Improvement Consultant
Stephen Faig
Research Director
Unisphere Research and DBTA