How to Optimize Your SharePoint Strategy
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2017 - 11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET
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The ubiquity of SharePoint—it seems that every organization uses it—mandates that we pay attention to actionable analytics and migrating content. This Roundtable webinar features presentations on both topics so that you can optimize your SharePoint strategy.

BA Insight believes that analytics need to be actionable in order to drive value, enabling you to make intelligent decisions about your intranet. Learn about the type of analytics you need to turn insight into action, and see specific examples of how this can be incorporated into your SharePoint intranet. Whether or not you already gather analytics or are unsure if your current tool delivers on this, we will show you critical user data that will allow your users to get the most out of your intranet.

Benefits of actionable analytics for SharePoint include:
  • Increased user engagement
  • Validation that SharePoint is delivering results
  • Improved performance and satisfaction
KnowledgeLake recognizes that even the most advanced SharePoint users can experience challenges with creating, managing, and governing content in an ever-evolving system. A lack of organization and data structures, workflows, and governance only compound the issue. Learn how to build a better architecture when migrating content to SharePoint. Learn best practices for building a scalable and sustainable content management strategy in SharePoint.

We'll illustrate how you can:
  • Automate document classification and extraction
  • Ensure greater data accuracy
  • Deliver measurable value for a wide range of business processes
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