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February 2013 [Volume 22, Issue 2]


Customer sentiment analysis: A shift to customer service

Social media is the canary in the coal mine. It provides early warning of issues that can become major problems if they are not detected quickly....

Legal enterprise search grows sophisticated

The next step is a user interface that more closely resembles how attorneys work....

BPM'S expanding horizons

...new features such as social media and mobile applications are making BPM more robust and versatile...

News Analysis

Choosing the right KM tools

Your colleagues really want a social layer across their digital experience. The marketplace isn't quite there yet ... but KM leaders with a broad field of vision can help lead the way...

Enterprise information frameworks: Will Gangnam style work?

Can an established organization like a government health service agency, a trucking company or a textbook publisher adapt to the jazzy, social, brave new world of big data?...


David Weinberger

Progress and knowledge

"We're discovering the power of iteration at scale—many hands making many small tweaks can accomplish knowledge tasks that the old methodology would never even have attempted..."

The Future of the Future

Pushing the boundaries of the knowledge sciences

Our purpose was to awaken, enliven and re-establish the knowledge sciences as the core foundation upon which we can gain the greatest benefit from the amazing discoveries awaiting us...

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