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January 2012, [Volume 21, Issue 1]


2011 KMWorld Promise and Reality award winners
Celebrating the best in innovation and service

Categories blur ... cloud, social and mobile dominate

KMWorld columnist Judy Lamont discusses trends in the workplace that are driving enterprises to cater to the information needs of workers who are not only mobile but smart-device enabled and cloud integrated.

SharePoint: Transforming the information have-nots into the haves

SharePoint allows you to move beyond storing information in file shares and e-mail and start collaborating and collecting knowledge...

The new face of Web analytics

It's tempting to get wrapped up in left brain, analytically driven approaches to marketing, but it's crucial to maintain a balance between analysis, execution and content...

Adaptive case management: Process takes a detour

DAM Roundup

News Analysis

Making connections at KMWorld 2011

Looking backward and forward

Janus is a reminder of the technical, management and business challenges digital information presents today...


David Weinberger

Curating abundance

The rise of the digital is changing just about everything about curation, mainly for the better but not entirely...

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