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October 2010, [Vol 19, Issue 9]


ECM: What’s your angle?

Like many things in life, enterprise content management is what you make of it...

What should you do to preserve records with a long life cycle?

DAM: getting creative with rich media

Shopping for a digital asset management solution a la carte can take more expertise than some organizations have...

In downturn, KM uplifts travel industry

Faced with a deep recession, increased security concerns and a growing propensity by travelers to cut back on their vacation and other discretionary spending, firms in the travel industry have discovered knowledge management solutions help them handle the downturn while some of their competitors close their doors...

SharePoint|The Reality Series 6
Migrating your users—not just your data

ECM Roundup

Enterprise content management (ECM) is a tricky category. Many search and Web content vendors feel they provide "ECM." But in fact, true ECM—if it exists at all—demands a specific set of functionality, including secure access, version control, check-in/check-out and cross-platform access to multiple information repositories … and more. Here's a sampling of the key players in the ECM market...

News Analysis

What’s in a name?
Deciphering version vernacular

Google communications–
Regular, blended or transformational?

The potential of personal intelligence


David Weinberger

The underutilized resource beyond lists

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