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Squirro Americas, Inc.

Squirro Americas, Inc.
  • 28 Liberty Street, 6th Floor
  • New York NY 10005
  • USA
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Squirro is the leading enterprise ready generative AI solution for search, insights and automation. Squirro empowers organizations across the globe to transform enterprise data into knowledge, insights and recommendations. Squirro has a track record of more than ten years in marrying AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, generative AI, and symbolic AI-like knowledge graphs, together.

Our vision is to spearhead the insights era by making the art of converting data into contextualized insights accessible to all, ensuring the timely delivery of the right information to the right person. To achieve that, we marry data from any source with the user's intent and context to augment decision-making using AI. 

Our mission is to empower organizations with AI technology to make smart people smarter, save time, and increase efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.

Founded in 2012, Squirro is a fast-growing company with dedicated teams in Switzerland, the United States, the UK, and Singapore. Our customers include the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, Standard Chartered Bank, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Henkel, Armacell, Library of Congress and Indicia Worldwide. 

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