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Lauren Trees and Nathaniel Vlachos


Lauren Trees is principle research lead at APQC, e-mail Nathanael Valachos, PhD is a writer and reasearcher for APQC. In addition, Valachos has published APQC’s research in other outlets.

Articles by Lauren Trees and Nathaniel Vlachos

Why KM needs sponsors, experts, and advocates in the business

APQC's analysis shows that formal KM business roles are ultimately more effective at boosting KM participation and helping KM to achieve its goals.

How KM can support diversity, equity, and inclusion

KM teams are well-positioned to make meaningful contributions to their organizations' DEI goals and help create workplaces where every employee can flourish. After all, good KM relies on democratizing access to knowledge and expertise while creating psychologically safe spaces to exchange ideas and experiences.