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Biographical Information

Patricia C. Franks

Patricia C. Franks, a professor for the School of Information at San José State University, coordinates the Master’s degree in Archives and Records Administration (MARA). She holds a doctorate/Ph.D. in Organization and Management and is a Certified Archivist (CA), Certified Records Manager (CRM), an Information Governance Professional (IGP), and a member of ARMA International’s Company of Fellows.

Articles by Patricia C. Franks

Data Privacy Regulations Versus Blockchain Technology

Data privacy refers to the use and governance of personal data, including policies implemented by businesses and governments that govern the collection, sharing and use of an individual's personal information. Information privacy refers to the individual's right to exert some control over their own personal information that is collected and used by others. These two views of privacy are reflected in legislation enacted to govern organizations and, most recently, give more power to individuals.