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Jean-Michel Texier,

CTO, Nstein Technologies

In his role as CTO at Nstein Technologies, Jean-Michel Texier acts as the company’s chief visionary, pioneer and semantic-intelligence evangelist. Since the early days of the Web, Texier has been developing powerful content management solutions, designed to address industry-specific needs. He is the founder of CMS development company Eurocortex, which was acquired by Nstein in 2006. Of late, his focus is applying semantic intelligence to varied types of content to enhance brands and open new monetization opportunities. He envisions a web of deeply interlinked data where semantic and artificial intelligence will transfigure relationships between content and audiences in ways we cannot even imagine.

Articles by Jean-Michel Texier,

Making the Right Connections:
Audience Intelligence and WCM in the Semantic Era

Let's begin with the notion that everyone is a publisher. Everyone with a public-facing website, regardless of industry, is a publisher, and their core goals are the same: Strengthening brand; Increasing findability/visibility; and Improving the customer experience. Ultimately, one needs to connect audiences with the content they're looking for. This is easier said than done, as Web audiences have a near infinitude of content options to choose from, and endless routes to get there. The key...