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Transversal goes beyond enabling customers to find answers online. Our self-learning knowledge solution intentionally surrounds online answers with dynamic content related to self-service inquiries such as related topics, product promotions, and troubleshooting wizards. Delight your customers with an online experience that predicts what they will want to know next and eliminate unnecessary escalations.
Transversal supercharges Contact Centers with automated intelligence. This powerful new solution takes advantage of Transversal’s dynamic knowledge base and patented machine intelligence technology to instantly find relevant answers and eliminate time-consuming research. Turn every agent into a seasoned expert and vastly improve employee productivity.
Transversal empowers your staff to reach new levels of productivity. Our solution for Enterprise HR streamlines the process of capturing organizational expertise, and delivers this collective intelligence across your organization. Transversal allows employees to learn on the fly and find the information they need to get their job done faster and better.

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Transversal is a leading provider of knowledge solutions for the cloud. Our solutions are designed to help improve agent efficiencies in contact centers, deliver exceptional experiences in online self-service and increase business performance through employees and business partners.  Businesses need a more modern approach to knowledge and Transversal has the answer.

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