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Why Information Governance is a C-Level Discussion

The liability and exposure companies face for not understanding the content they have and how to secure this information within their systems is significant. No executive of any company wants to be a front page article or in the evening news for failing to protect it. Read More >>

KM in Practice

Construction firm operationalizes best practices

Deploys cloud-based solution to optimize project managementRead More >> Posted October 12, 2015

SNH customers and internal team find value in cloud collaboration

Collaboration tool works across all of its customer organizationsRead More >> Posted October 07, 2015

KM Features

Creating a cohesive customer experience

The customer experience encompasses a wide range of activities, from the moment of an initial search for a product or service to marketing, sales and follow-up care. A diverse range of technologies supports customer experience management for each of those phases.Read More >> Posted October 01, 2015

Digital insights are the new currency of business

Businesses are drowning in data but starving for insights. Worse, they have no systematic way to consistently turn data into action.Read More >> Posted October 01, 2015

Digital asset management: Video advances!

Enterprises can stand to gain more if they begin to view video not as a separate entity, but as a knowledge asset just as they do documents, graphics and structured content.Read More >> Posted October 01, 2015

E-commerce solutions gain insights that boost sales

"When we reached a point where we were spending more time manipulating the data than using it to make decisions, we knew that we needed a new solution."....Read More >> Posted October 01, 2015

Perspectives in Knowledge Management

David Weinberger

David Weinberger

How the Internet is changing knowledge, society, relationships and communication.

David Weinberger's Perspective on knowledge
Seeing past your glasses

A bubble is really just a coherent set of beliefs. Beliefs need coherence or they're not beliefs. They literally make no sense. I could not believe that flowers are beautiful because their DNA has evolved to attract insects unless I also believed in DNA, natural selection, insect-based pollination and the results obtained through scientific research and equipment.Read More >>

David Weinberger's Perspective on Knowledge
Sympathetic Knowledge

All reading starts off sympathetic. If you're reading what someone wrote, it's because you want to understand what she means. That's an act of sympathy right there.Read More >>

Dissolution of metadata

The idea of metadata used to be easy. It was a type of shadow object that trailed the "real" object of which it was the metadata. Getting right which information to put into that shadow object wasn't easy, but the concept itself was clean, clear and usually rectangular.Read More >>

The Future of the Future

The Future of the Future

How to create an innovative future by today’s thoughts and actions.

Four global shifts to keep in mind

Instead of worrying about how to keep machines from taking over the world, we should let technology evolve and look for ways to expand human intelligence.Read More >>

Bringing together innovation, learning and people

We've identified six stages that must be present if rapid innovation is to occur successfully on a sustained basis. We've named those stages ADIIEA, which stands for: automation, disruption, investigation, ideation, expectation and affirmation.Read More >>

The rise of the pop-up city

You've already read about smart cities in this column. Now take that concept and make it mobile. Add to it the capacity to set up and accommodate tens of millions of inhabitants, and in 30 days, tear it all down.Read More >>

Knowledge Management News

Dell to acquire EMC

Deal estimated at approximately $67 billion October 12, 2015

Public BPM app market from Appian

Speed time to value October 09, 2015

Knowledge capture from Expert System on Google Cloud Launcher

Expert System text analytics scales rapidly on Google Cloud Platform October 08, 2015

Big data AI development tools from Franz

Unveils Allegro CL Version 10 October 07, 2015

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October 20, 2015 | 11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT

Better Outcomes with Less Effort

October 27, 2015 | 11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT

The Future Of KM

November 10, 2015 | 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST

Where Are We With Search?

December 01, 2015 | 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST


Quote of the Week

The best teacher is not the one who knows [the] most but the one who is most capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and wonderful. 
- H.L. Mencken

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October 2015 Magazine Issue


Manage Field Service in the Cloud for Simpler Software Integrations

Today's business leaders are faced with a decade's old question when it comes to purchasing enterprise software: Invest in one broad enterprise management suite or integrate several deep best-of-breed solutions to meet a variety business needs? October 08, 2015

Head in the Clouds
Assessing an Office 365 Environment for Information Governance

The IT "cloud" is not unlike the ones we see over the sky each day, changing from one second to the next.... October 06, 2015

Agile Knowledge Management (KMAgile)

How to Rapidly Develop Knowledge Transfer Capability By Improving Performance October 01, 2015

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