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Gaining KM “cred” in graduate school
Academic programs help forge career paths

Knowledge management spans numerous disciplines, so it is not surprising that graduate level programs in KM have their roots in diverse fields. Read More >>

KM in Practice

Gatwick uses analytics to improve employee engagement

Data is already surfacing that indicates, for example, that more than 800 front-line employees accessed the intranet over a one-month period, with a total of 8,500 individual visits.Read More >> Posted February 08, 2016

Muscogee Creek Nation transforms its healthcare referral process

Transition to a paperless, online digital content management systemRead More >> Posted February 01, 2016

KM Features

Legal applications of KM trend toward flexibility, simplicity

Knowledge management software solutions tailored to the legal profession are becoming more common and lawyers more receptive to them. In addition, e-discovery...Read More >> Posted January 31, 2016

Accelerators of KM maturity - Part 2

Why your KM program needs guidance from senior leaders and business stakeholders.Read More >> Posted January 31, 2016

Chief data officers zero in on governance challenges

As organizations seek to increase their use of analytics, they often find they have to get their data houses in order first. If data is siloed or structured in ways that make it unusable to others, the opportunities for analytics are limited.Read More >> Posted January 31, 2016

Marketing automation’s role in personalization and contextualization

Marketing automation is part of a chain reaction. To know what content should be provided, companies need to understand each customer, ideally incorporating all available online and offline profile data for analysis within analytics and optimization solutions.
Many businesses have not adapted to changes in consumer behavior.Read More >> Posted January 31, 2016

Perspectives in Knowledge Management

David Weinberger

David Weinberger

How the Internet is changing knowledge, society, relationships and communication.

Perspective on knowledge: Justifying knowledge

Note that the knowledge that Plato and Socrates are talking about ... is knowledge that leads to right action.Read More >>

Perspective on Knowledge: The we of knowledge

This column marks a turning point: Hugh McKellar, who has edited this column from its beginning, is retiring. Hugh is a superb editor and a warm, supportive friend. I will miss my monthly interaction with him, and KMWorld will miss his clear eye and his constant focus on what matters. Thank you, Hugh. We will stay in touch.Read More >>

Perspective on knowledge
What’s greater than knowledge?

I've long been irked by the Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom pyramid that is so often casually embraced as if its truth were obvious. I disagree with its implication that knowledge is a filtering down of information.Read More >>

The Future of the Future

The Future of the Future

How to create an innovative future by today’s thoughts and actions.

The coming leap in human intelligence

Human-like robots are popping up everywhere. From the factory floor to product packaging and delivery. From restaurants to the battlefield. From patient care to camel racing. And countless other places.Read More >>

Welcome to Curation 2.0

Keeping organizational knowledge relevant and up-to-date requires adult supervision.Read More >>

Four global shifts to keep in mind

Instead of worrying about how to keep machines from taking over the world, we should let technology evolve and look for ways to expand human intelligence.Read More >>

Knowledge Management News

iManage Releases Upgraded Cloud Platform for Legal Professionals

iManage Cloud delivers enhanced governance and disaster recovery February 08, 2016

LexisNexis Unveils Platform to Provide Better E-Discovery Insights

Lexis DiscoveryIQ will help drive better legal decisions and improve litigation strategy February 05, 2016

directEDGAR Improves Search and Retrieval for SEC Filings with dtSearch Engine

The dtSearch Engine has been embedded into the latest version of the directEDGAR search, extraction and normalization engine February 04, 2016

Lexmark Streamlines Customer Engagement with Kofax Onboarding Agility

New solution enables enterprises to automate and tailor their customer onboarding processes February 02, 2016

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February 16, 2016 | 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST

Technical Knowledge Discovery: How Smart Engineering Organizations Leverage Their Expertise

March 01, 2016 | 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST

How to Optimize Your SharePoint Strategy

March 15, 2016 | 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST

Increasing Innovation and Productivity with Collaboration

Quote of the Week

Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped. 
- Elbert Green Hubbard

KMWorld Magazine

February 2016 Magazine Issue


What is Cognitive Computing?

Video and transcript from a keynote speech by Susan Feldman on cognitive computing at KMWorld 2015. How cognitive computing can help spark innovation. February 05, 2016

Cognitive Computing and Knowledge Management: Sparking Innovation

Video and transcript from from the keynote at KMWorld 2015. Susan E. Feldman (CEO, Synthexis Cognitive Computing Consortium), a long-time technology analyst, discusses a new innovative approach to knowledge management that addresses the complex problems enterprises face today. February 05, 2016

Five best practices to avoid data breaches
due to insider threat vulnerabilities

Insider leaks are among the most challenging threats to any organization's data security. February 03, 2016

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Complexity Informed Agility in Knowledge Management
Will Evans, Jabe Bloom, Dave Snowden

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