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Creating a Marketplace for Information Managers

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The KMWorld Best Practice White Papers have become a key component in the creation of the "shopping lists" for today's information managers. Straight talk, good advice, real-life experiences...the KMWorld White Papers offer a refuge from the hype-driven press relations that too-often passes for information.

We (the KMWorld Specialty Publishing Group) understand that the buyer and the seller need a place to meet and review. We believe that product knowledge and practice knowledge are inseparable. The management of today's overwhelming information resources demands not only a corporate plan of action, but also a marketplace in which to compare solutions, review case histories and satisfy a deeper investigation.

We think the KMWorld Best Practice White Papers have become that marketplace. Our intention, since the beginning of this series, has never changed: give solutions providers a level playing ground, where "marketing hype" is out of bounds, but the clear, reasoned presentation of solutions to business problems is not.

We have created an editorial calendar (see below) for the coming calendar year. We think these topics represent the primary driving forces behind the purchase and adoption of the many information technologies that touch on content, document and knowledge management. We also happen to think these areas are among the most top-of-mind concerns facing business managers today.

By creating this calendar, we accomplish two things: 1. Sponsors are able to pinpoint specific issues where their message will be in the proper context to reach an audience in search of the perfect solution; and 2. The "universe" of business problems can be mapped into a manageable set of key focus areas for the readers.

We review all content for adherence to strict editorial guidelines. We filter out advertising hype. We DO allow reasoned explanations of specific solutions, though, and how they can be applied to solve the readers' business problems. That's the long and short of it. The KMWorld Best Practices White Papers are an extremely popular and familiar tool for the information manager. We're pleased to present the 2018 editorial calendar.

January: BPM & Case Management


July: Intelligent Search

February: Turning Big Data & Analytics into Knowledge

August: Cloud-Based KM & Information Management
March: Enterprise Content Management September: Information Governance

April: KM for Customer Experience

October: Cognitive Computing

May: Text Analytics November: Creating and Managing Taxonomies
June: Enhancing Office 365 December: Knowledge Management
MORE DETAILS (2018 White Paper Publication Calendar)


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