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KANA makes every customer experience a good experience. A global leader in customer service solutions delivered on-premise or in the cloud, KANA lets organizations take complete control over customer service interactions, so they can take care of customers, while managing costs and reinforcing brand. By unifying and maintaining context for customer journeys across agent, Web, social and mobile experiences, KANA solutions have reduced handling time, increased resolution rates and improved net promoter score (NPS) at more than 900 enterprises, including half of the Global 100 and more than 250 government agencies. KANA is based in Silicon Valley, California and has offices worldwide. Learn more at www.kana.com.

KANA Enterprise is a customer experience management software solution for large enterprises. It includes solutions for the agent desktop, email management, knowledge management, case management, chat, co-browse, social listening, social analytics, mobile self-service and Web self service. It also provides customer service managers drag and drop technology to design complex business processes that connect people via a common user interface and orchestrates the flow of data across disparate systems. We call it Design-Orchestrate-Listen.

KANA Express
KANA Express is a multi-channel customer service solution delivered via the cloud. It supports consistent customer service via phone, email, live and automated chat, Web self-service, and social media, KANA Express unifies customer contact records and knowledge resources and automatically delivers contextual help and information when and where it is needed. The solution is scalable to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions a day, even for businesses with as few as 20 call center agents.

KANA Express provides a centralized and powerful knowledgebase that automatically scans text in emails, chat sessions and Web self-service interactions and then quickly displays relevant  answers and information in seconds - consistently and accurately. The solution also features sophisticated reporting and analytics for proactive performance management for real-time insight into the status of each customer, department and agent. A powerful integration server supports ease of connectivity with front office and unified communication systems such as IVR, ACD, CTI and CRM, as well as back office functions such as accounting and ERP systems.

KANA Lagan Enterprise
Lagan Enterprise is specifically designed around the challenging data management and integration requirements of the Public Sector and as such delivers a powerful blend of case management, business process management, knowledge management, real-time analytics and social media capabilities. It also supports online government services initiatives that utilize the Web, mobile and social media, accelerating channel shift strategies to deliver improved service at lower cost.

Lagan Enterprise is designed to easily integrate with existing infrastructure and back-office systems, scale to meet fluctuations in service requests and quickly add support for complementary solutions. Workflow and customer relationship management technologies combined with an extensive knowledgebase put accurate information at the fingertips of service reps.

KANA Lagan Express
KANA Lagan Express will support your service's channel-shift strategy by enabling the quick and efficient handling of citizen and customer contacts across all contact channels. It is delivered via the cloud and can be fully aligned with your customer contact processes to ensure that all contacts, regardless of source, are handled in a quick and uniform way by utilizing a central knowledge base for consistent service delivery.

Lagan Express provides a complete suite of integrated multi-channel contact and knowledge management capabilities, ideally suited to public sector organizations looking to deliver significant improvements in customer service quality, accuracy and response times. Its powerful and flexible Web self-service and chat facilities, together with focused knowledge and email management capabilities deliver significant improvements in service quality, accuracy and response times.

For more information: www.kana.com

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