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Newton, MA 02466
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Attivio Data Source Discovery profiles data across silos, instantly identifies the right information for analysis, and unifies disparate sources into a data model to provision to BI and analytics tools. Attivio Content Analytics unlocks the business value trapped in text-based sources of information by bringing structure to unstructured content. Attivio also powers data-driven applications for use case-specific outcomes.
Attivio delivers AI-powered enterprise search capabilities across structured and unstructured data, in a platform that addresses key use cases. For customer support, provide a 360º view from any pertinent data sources to keep service reps more productive and customers happier. For a unified digital workplace, make Siri proud - discover answers quickly through machine learning, NLP, and text analytics. For risk avoidance, eliminate information silos for preventative maintenance or communications surveillance.

Attivio profile

Attivio is the leading AI-powered cognitive search and insight platform company. Our mission is to put search at the core of every enterprise. By easily integrating every data source into one always-learning platform, Attivio enables Fortune 1000 enterprises to answer the most complex questions, by providing immediate insight across all of their information.  Our AI-powered solutions drive innovation, create operational efficiencies, and transform business outcomes at scale, and feature industry-leading capabilities including natural language processing, machine learning, analytics, and knowledge graphing. 

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