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Tampa, FL 33603
Phone: 800.875.7009 or 813.875.7575
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Accusoft profile

Accusoft provides a full spectrum of document, content and imaging solutions as applications, cloud services, mobile apps and software development kits (SDKs). Products offer solutions for capturing, processing and viewing, including mobile-friendly, enterprise-class HTML5 document viewing, document viewing for SharePoint, DRM, OCR/ICR, image processing and barcode and forms recognition.

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KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2014

We've published our annual list of Trend-Setting Products for nearly a decade and a half (more than a century in "technology years"),...This year, we looked at more than 600 products. Some have been around for a while, a testimony to the limber execution of their initial mission of adaptability. Others are relatively new.

Accusoft releases Prizm Content Connect 9

Fast HTML5 document viewer for any device

The Many Dimensions of SharePoint

Bruce Springsteen said "Music is what makes us not be stupid." I'm probably overstretching the metaphor, but there's a correlation to SharePoint in there, too.

The thing about SharePoint is that it is everything at the same time. And sometimes nothing at the same time. And by that I am not trying to be critical, I'm just saying that the platform is not as complete as you'd hope it to be. . . .

Augmenting SharePoint 2013 with Browser DRM

A hole exists in SharePoint security. It isn't the sort of hole one usually thinks about when considering content security, the type that allows unauthorized users to access restricted content. Rather, it's a hole in the functionality spectrum. That spectrum is marked by extremes: Out of the box, SharePoint provides only basic document security options that protect the integrity of the repository but don't effectively address misuse of content through unauthorized distribution. At the other end of the spectrum are add-on solutions that address some of SharePoint's shortcomings, but do so only for a high implementation cost. . . .

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