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SearchBlox Software, Inc.

SearchBlox Software, Inc.

4870 Sadler Road, Suite 300
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Phone: 866.933.3626
Email:; Blog


Search across terabytes of data that are indexed from multiple data sources. Whether it is indexing millions of documents from network file folders or tens of millions of database records, SearchBlox is blazing fast. Integrate with websites, applications, business workflows and custom tools. SearchBlox comes with 75+ connectors ready to deploy on-premise or on the cloud.
SearchBlox offers the most easy drop-in replacement solution for the Google Search Appliance. Fast, flexible, affordable and, above all, very simple to install, administer and support. With built-in connectors for indexing websites, databases, file systems, cloud drives, Twitter, CSV or NoSQL databases, it is easy to implement enterprise search across data from 75+ data sources to replace the GSA.
Analyze opinions and emotions associated with your products, services and people. Visualize trends for customer satisfaction and people surveys. Go beyond customer analysis and employees actions to find out how they really feel.
SearchBlox aggregates unstructured data from multiple sources including websites, social media, emails, product surveys, feedback responses and customer reviews, and provides it back to you in a unified actionable visualization. Our text analysis will help you find trends over time through visualization and deep-filtering technology.
With our expertise in analyzing unstructured data, we will take your employee feedback and help you make sense of it. We will extract and process the comments and create insightful visualizations by sentiment and theme, giving you the power to drill down based on employee demographics and roles.
SearchBlox will take your voice of the customer data, extract and process it to create visualizations by sentiment and theme. With these insights, you can then drill down your data based on sales, demographic and customer attributes for a detailed view of your customer feedback.
With SearchBlox, it’s easy to create visualizations from live streaming data from Twitter and Facebook. SearchBlox will help you discover themes or trends, focus your results and strategize in real time.
SearchBlox offers a wide variety of connectors for Elasticsearch, with Web-based index configuration and search results management. Deploy with a single Elasticsearch node or remote Elasticsearch cluster, and ingest data within minutes. With our ready to deploy Elasticsearch solution, customers can migrate Solr search instances to Elasticsearch without any custom code or maintenance.

SearchBlox Software, Inc. profile

SearchBlox is an industry leader in enterprise search, sentiment analysis and text analytics solutions, created to provide customers with simple, affordable solutions for their complex unstructured data analysis needs. More than 350 customers in 30 countries use SearchBlox to power their organizations’ websites, intranets, analytics and custom applications. SearchBlox aggregates and searches unstructured data from websites, file folders, feeds, cloud storage, email archives, databases, CRM systems, and social media streams like Twitter and Facebook. A variety of integration options with more than 75 connectors make SearchBlox one of the most dynamic and flexible search and text analytics platforms on the market.

SearchBlox helps customers simplify the process of analyzing complex data from a multitude of sources, from email and websites to customer surveys and social media. The data is available for sentiment and text analytics allowing businesses to gain insights into customers, products and services. Best-in-class analytics provide rich insights to help businesses strategize by taking advantage of relevant trends, anomalies and themes found in these data streams. And SearchBlox’s real time visualizations, allow customers to easily view and understand their data in real time. SearchBlox drives value to existing unstructured data that can help businesses make the most of market research, brand management and customer engagement.

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