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The Secrets of Efficient DITA Implementations

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This webinar will cover some basic but often overlooked architectural aspects of DITA that can be leveraged during implementation that will help achieve the following:

  • Reduce training costs and timelines
  • Increase consistency and productivity
  • Reduce stylesheet customizations
  • Broaden the relevance of DITA in an organization

Specifically we will be reviewing how better content planning and mapping, DITA specialization, customized toolsets and content re-use planning can make sure a DITA implementation goes well. We will try and highlight how organizations can ensure that DITA done well provides the following benefits:

  • Consistent content and structure
  • Ease of reuse
  • Shorter production schedules and better utilization of writers
  • Semantically rich content

Upfront investment in a content strategy when implementing DITA pays big dividends later in the project!

This is a business level webinar covering concepts and approaches, technical knowledge of DITA or XML is not required.

Andy Moore
Pen Clark
Director of Marketing

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