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Comprehension and context across unstructured data Posted November 19, 2014

OpenText Core is built specifically for the digital enterprise Posted November 12, 2014

Adds two-factor authentication to kiteworks Posted October 29, 2014

Natural Intelligence Platform for the Internet of Things Posted October 21, 2014

Full-text search across the enterprise Posted October 09, 2014

Downloadable from Google Play Posted October 01, 2014

Language identification, deployment agility and e-mail threading Posted September 19, 2014

Natural language cognitive service Posted September 18, 2014

Unveils Version 6.0 of the Nuix engine Posted September 11, 2014

There may be some challenges for enterprise search in the organizations of tomorrow. Without innovation, enterprise search is likely to find itself marginalized as enterprise knowledge management solutions proliferate. Search without search may be shorthand for who needs old-fashioned search? Posted September 01, 2014

Announces TopBraid Suite 4.5 Posted August 25, 2014

OpenText unveils eDOCS DM 10 Posted August 22, 2014

Enables predictive coding Posted August 19, 2014

Full-featured database as a service Posted August 08, 2014

RAVN releases Manage 3.6 Posted August 07, 2014

To acquire Exony to add contact center management and voice analytics Posted July 30, 2014

New cloud-based solution Posted July 25, 2014

Search, edit, share and collaborate on SharePoint Posted July 18, 2014

Secure Web forms management and workflow automation Posted July 14, 2014

Addresses information security challenges Posted July 07, 2014

TEMIS announces significant upgrade to platform Posted July 02, 2014

Linguamatics introduces new text analytics solution Posted June 19, 2014

Natural language processing and semantic analysis Posted June 16, 2014

Launches I2E Version 4.2 Posted June 03, 2014

VirtualWorks unveils new version of ViaWorks Posted June 02, 2014

Achieves high level of medical care to Canadians through the evaluation of physicians Posted May 21, 2014

Smartlogic and TopQuadrant form alliance for unstructured and structured data Posted May 20, 2014

Coveo enhances solution Posted May 19, 2014

OpenText unveils Discovery Suite Posted May 01, 2014

I recently went to a prominent technical website's self-help application formy smart phone. It's a sad tale of low-quality service and unnecessary costs that started with a simple search about leveraging fee-based service for my new phone.... Posted April 29, 2014

To get the most out of their knowledge assets and collective expertise, organizations should look for ways to tap into the "Long Tail" of their collective enterprise knowledge. The Long Tail theory, developed by Chris Anderson in 2004, describes the profound impact of giving customers access to the widest possible variety of items, including "niche" items. Many KM initiatives struggle to succeed because when it comes to collective enterprise knowledge, companies don't make all of their "niche" knowledge and expertise available so team members can easily engage and use it. . . . Posted April 29, 2014

Intelligent search is a primary component in information governance and should be treated as a core infrastructure requirement, driven by executive management. When effective, intelligent search forms the basis of improved organizational performance and touches discrete applications that together meet the tactical objectives of an overarching information governance strategy. When search doesn't work, information governance as a whole is undermined and can negate any benefits, affecting the ability to achieve organizational objectives. Without risk assessment and policies that apply to enterprise search, a Pandora's box of problems is opened. . . . Posted April 29, 2014

One of the few things that the tech industry agrees with is that humans create a lot of data. By extension today we can also agree that we are creating more of it—in more ways—and to more media than yesterday. This trend will continue inexorably. The value of information to the user at any point in time is something that should be reflected upon. In the age of big data, how do users sort through all the clutter to extract information that feels intuitive, personaland intelligent?. . . . Posted April 29, 2014

Fernando Lucini, CTO, of HP Autonomy is an interesting guy. Born to Spanish parents, he grew up… everywhere. His parents worked for IBM, so he spent summers in White Plains, NY. He now lives in Cambridge ("the one in the UK…the real one," he says.) So he's been surrounded by technology and academia forever. We had a chat a few days ago, ostensibly focused on enterprise search and information discovery. It was mostly that, but we veered off course a couple times. Despite his title, he insists he's not a "code writing dude." He describes himself as a leader of the technical group and a "customer guy". . . . Posted April 29, 2014

Further details on Data Harmony 3.9 Posted April 21, 2014

New platform for process and content Posted April 08, 2014

VirtualWorks launches ViaWorks Posted April 02, 2014

Access Innovation division improves search efficiency Posted April 01, 2014

A mainstay of knowledge management technology, search has been growing in sophistication at the enterprise level, but also still offers traditional products for keyword searching and desktop use. Posted March 31, 2014

New version of Workgroup and Enterprise products Posted March 17, 2014

Alliance heightens brand analytics Posted March 11, 2014

RAMP offers VCP for Microsoft Business Productivity suite Posted March 04, 2014

Attivio adds new module to its Active Intelligence Engine Posted March 03, 2014

Upgrades Contract Discovery and Analytics portfolio Posted February 27, 2014

Enhanced customer analytics Posted February 25, 2014

Big data has the potential to transform the way we all do business. The gradual merging of enterprise search into the big data world is not a one-way street. For sure, the technologies, skills and expertise, built up over two decades by folks in the enterprise search space, are critical to the effective use of unstructured content in big data applications. Various recent acquisitions testify to this. As a company, we have resisted the temptation to simply slap on a big data label, and follow fashion. Instead, we've asked questions such as, "How can we use big data technologies to improve search systems?".... Posted February 25, 2014

Scientists can find relevant information concerning drugs, diseases and genes Posted February 24, 2014

Cambridge Semantics and ChemAxon join forces Posted February 19, 2014

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