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Enterprise Search

More juice for Web analytics sector Posted April 01, 2006

Arbortext releases Advanced Print Publisher 9 Posted April 01, 2006

Desktop search from mobile phones Posted April 01, 2006

The performance of any organization depends heavily on how well its people use information to make decisions and do their jobs. First, though... Posted March 31, 2006

There are many drivers that require companies to manage knowledge more effectively—the incredible rate at which electronic data is reproduced and stored... Posted March 29, 2006

Search engines today are built with an innately document-centric view of the world. This is hardly surprising, given how the technology has evolved, but it is often not the paradigm best utilized for providing an answer to a user's search request... Posted March 29, 2006

The need for fast, accurate search and retrieval continues to be a significant factor in driving software sales for Fortune 1,000 companies and their employees... Posted March 29, 2006

While browsing through various historical maps featured in the “American Treasures” collection at the Library of Congress the other day, one thing became very evident... Posted March 29, 2006

When online marketers and Internet technologists talk about “search,” usually the image of millions of shoppers, researchers and office workers typing queries... Posted March 29, 2006

If lowering costs, closing more issues at first contact, or increasing customer satisfaction are on your contact center’s to-do list... Posted March 29, 2006

Quicker than you can say Sarbanes-Oxley, the enterprise search market has gone from serving a relatively quiet existence as a nice-to-have technology... Posted March 29, 2006

In the legal community, search technology has become as critical to the preparation of major lawsuits as securing witnesses and researching case law. Posted March 29, 2006

Posted March 27, 2006

Posted March 27, 2006

Posted March 27, 2006

Posted March 27, 2006

Over the past year, search technology has shown remarkable progress in both its features and in the interest from prospective users. Initiatives by high-visibility firms such as Google have drawn attention to it, and enterprises are aggressively seeking more powerful ways of accessing their content. Posted March 27, 2006

SmartDiscovery for search appliance Posted March 27, 2006

Schools, nonprofits to benefit Posted March 27, 2006

Intellext offers new enhancement Posted March 27, 2006

Consider the following: Throughout the course of the Enron investigation, the FBI has confiscated 12 million pages of paper documents plus terabytes of e-mail and other electronic files. Posted March 23, 2006

For Global 5000 enterprises, the ability to optimize information management for competitive advantage will drive growth in market share while increasing margins through greater business process efficiencies. Posted March 23, 2006

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, companies work hard to differentiate themselves and provide greater value to their customers. Posted March 23, 2006

You’ve likely heard the buzz by now: faceted navigation truly changes the ground rules for search and KM, and for the many related applications... Posted March 23, 2006

The information chain is a pyramid In past decades, information-intensive businesses profited from dropping storage costs. Computer systems offered simple Posted March 23, 2006

I usually make it a rule for these interviews: No inside baseball. I’m normally much more interested in the so-called 50,000-foot customers perceive their business needs and how these various KMWorld-y technologies can address them. Or how buyers organize themselves... Posted March 23, 2006

Operates as independent entity Posted March 23, 2006

Posted March 15, 2006

Quintura releases Version 1.5 Posted March 13, 2006

Intellisophic delivers vertical-specific taxonomies Posted March 13, 2006

WebQL 3.0 from QL2 Posted March 13, 2006

Attensity launches Version 2.0 Posted March 08, 2006

Releases new SDKs Posted March 08, 2006

Releases Version 4.0 Posted March 08, 2006

Mercado and YourAmigo partner Posted March 06, 2006

High security and permissions Posted March 06, 2006

Attensity partners with Clarabridge Posted March 01, 2006

Will continue to serve mutual customers Posted February 27, 2006

X1 releases Enterprise Edition 2.5 Posted February 21, 2006

Exalead offers new solution Posted February 15, 2006

FAST releases ESP 5 Posted February 06, 2006

Adds new taxonomy capabilities Posted February 06, 2006

More juice for Web analytics sector Posted February 06, 2006

Attensity supports OS X Posted February 01, 2006

ESP to offer proprietary taxonomies Posted February 01, 2006

SmartDiscovery for search appliance Posted February 01, 2006

Coveo goes with Dragon AudioMining Posted February 01, 2006

Biz360 and Feedster partner Posted February 01, 2006

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