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iCONECT and Content Analyst partner Posted August 18, 2008

Contextware introduces Version 3.1 Posted August 11, 2008

StoredIQ announces support Posted August 11, 2008

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine Posted August 04, 2008

Announces Version 6.5 of ECM suite Posted July 30, 2008

Upgraded LiveCycle Enterprise Suite Posted July 21, 2008

Microgen enhances suite Posted July 10, 2008

Igloo partners with TriCipher Posted June 23, 2008

Inmagic introduces new product Posted June 18, 2008

FatWire announces platform Posted June 18, 2008

NewsGator enhances Social Sites Posted June 16, 2008

AXS-One unveils new solution Posted June 11, 2008

Attensity unveils Market Voice Posted June 09, 2008

Highlights Flash support Posted June 09, 2008

New discovery appliance from Composite Posted June 09, 2008

Google announces Site Search Posted June 05, 2008

Explosion. Eruption. Big bang. Call it what you will, but it's no secret that data volumes are reaching epidemic levels. The difference between the rate at which data continues to grow and the number of knowledge workers that can make sense of it is continually expanding at a geometric rate. Typically, the data comes from internal sources and increasingly open-source content is driving this disparity at even greater rates. These poor information-laden laborers now spend up to a third of their time looking and still not finding what they are looking for. To further exacerbate the issue, at the federal level, agencies are mandated to share their information. This creates a fundamental business problem: "I can't find what I'm looking for... Posted May 30, 2008

In an effort to improve service delivery to constituents, most e-government initiatives of the 1990s focused on making services accessible online. But online access only addresses the front end of service delivery. The backend requires the simplification, integration, streamlining and automation of complex information workflows—where the heavy lifting of service delivery occurs—which is increasingly difficult with multiple legacy systems and complex infrastructure.
Today, many successful e-government initiatives rely on collaborative case management (CCM), supported by a robust, consolidated information infrastructure, to help meet their service delivery goals...
Posted May 30, 2008

What began as a pilot program to improve timesheet processing is now transforming Montgomery County's invoicing and accounts payable procedures into an adept system that dramatically reduces inefficiencies and greatly improves accuracy.
With more than 10,000 timesheets to process every other week, this Maryland county previously spent two days scanning documents and another three days reviewing them to correct errors in key pieces of data—such as employees' identification numbers—during the process, said Mayland Lin, department of technology services at Montgomery County government in Rockville, MD...
Posted May 30, 2008

Government officials face a complex balancing act in the area of personal information. There seems an inherent conflict between the demand for greater transparency in government, now enshrined in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) legislation, and the need to maintain records that can be used for legitimate business purposes, with the rights of private citizens to have their information protected from unscrupulous users.
Tension between government and citizens over the degree to which personal information is collected is not new. However, the sheer volume of information...
Posted May 30, 2008

In these days of diminishing stature for the US on the world stage, it's nice to hear we're still number one at something: "The US leads the world in terms of disclosure, largely because they legislated early and quickly following the Enron debacle, providing a new level of transparency in government."
The speaker is Glyn Williams, CEO, Onstream Systems Ltd., and as a New Zealander and international businessperson, has tacit permission to remark on the US's world stature from a relatively outsider position...
Posted May 30, 2008

XyEnterprise introduces Contenta DITA Posted May 28, 2008

ESS unveils global solutions Posted May 28, 2008

Version 6.3 launched Posted May 28, 2008

Vignette releases three new products Posted May 20, 2008

Coveo unveils G2B Posted May 20, 2008

New version of XyEnterprise Contenta S1000D Posted May 14, 2008

Alfresco tackles Web 2.0 Posted May 14, 2008

Access Innovations releases Data Harmony 3.4 Posted May 12, 2008

DieselPoint debuts OpenPipeline Posted April 30, 2008

Truviso enhances PostgreSQL Posted April 28, 2008

JackBe introduces Presto 2.0 Posted April 23, 2008

Octopz unveils new version Posted April 23, 2008

Socialtext introduces Version 3.0 Posted April 22, 2008

Jodange serves up Political Pundit Posted April 16, 2008

New tool from Trampoline Systems Posted April 09, 2008

TIBCO unveils newest release Posted April 09, 2008

Boosts e-discovery, compliance capabilities Posted April 07, 2008

Conceptual Search and Text Analytics 3.2 Posted April 07, 2008

We've spent a good deal of space in this column looking at how business needs to transform itself to compete in the global knowledge economy. This month, let's take a look at how the same trends are forcing major changes in government. Posted April 01, 2008

LogiXML and Vertica partner Posted March 26, 2008

Nuospace from BrightSide Software Posted March 26, 2008

Signs agreement with Atempo Posted March 26, 2008

Posted March 26, 2008

Pattern recognition software Posted March 19, 2008

Posted March 19, 2008

Documaker 11.3 from Skywire Posted March 12, 2008

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