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Knowledge Management

Posted October 25, 2011

Social computing has fundamentally changed the way people share and consume information—ultimately boosting productivity and innovation. Through the use of Microsoft SharePoint and social technologies, business conversations are now occurring in transparent work streams, enabling connections and dialogues to happen more expediently—and in some cases to occur under serendipitous circumstances that might never have occurred. . . . Posted October 16, 2011

Of closets and stores... In the words of a leading analyst I talked to recently, content management is a bit like an organized information closet. It provides a way to create and store documents, HTML pages and other types of content. It includes things like version tracking and approval processes. It tags and classifies information, often grouping knowledge by domain. All in all, it provides a cost-effective way to create and organize information. . . . Posted October 16, 2011

Releases Luxid 6 for text analytics Posted October 13, 2011

App-driven interface for SMBs Posted October 12, 2011

Lagan unveils new suite which helps customers to harness the power of the many smart phone, Web and social media applications.. Posted October 12, 2011

By storing and sharing claims electronically, the company has reduced turnaround times by 47 percent... Posted September 29, 2011

The value of "data exhaust" to us depends on two things: finding it, and being able to use it. Posted September 29, 2011

StreamServer designed as single source for internal, external information Posted September 23, 2011

SharePoint integration Posted September 20, 2011

Posted September 20, 2011

Adds Twitter capabilities to customer experience suite Posted September 19, 2011

Expanding presence in U.S. Posted September 15, 2011

Document capture is not a new concept. For the past 20 years, organizations have employed a number of strategies—from keying data from paper documents to basic scanning to eliminate paper storage—in an effort to get rid of their paper. And most organizations that have substantial volumes of paper have implemented some form of solution to reduce the pain of managing paper documents. In recent years. . . . Posted September 13, 2011

Scholars from many disciplines have long studied the field of knowledge management, and significant challenges endure. These challenges exist in both theoretical and conceptual application of knowledge management. Change will be omnipresent—requiring organizations to make incremental or continuous improvements, and breakthrough or "game-changing" advances. Organizations can establish a structure; communicate their intent. . . . Posted September 13, 2011

Search is the circulatory system for knowledge. It excels at finding data and information, from which knowledge is constructed. Search can't quite create knowledge—ultimately, that's a human task—but it does help. Yet just as knowledge is not static, search must be more than a static search box.

The best search ensures organizations constantly assimilate new ways of knowing and sharing as they assimilate more data. Of the various alternatives available. ...
Posted September 13, 2011

It's the suggestion that people running a knowledge management program fear the most: After presenting requirements for a KM tool, it's almost inevitable that someone at the table looks thoughtful and says, "I think you should use our content management system instead."

How can we make the case for our much-needed tool to a skeptical IT audience focused on consolidation? First, let's see what content management (CM) is good for . . . .
Posted September 13, 2011

Customer service has emerged as one of the few remaining differentiators that businesses can sustain over time. Companies that are winning in this environment provide "stand-out" customer service by using knowledge to empower contact center agents and drive self-service interactions. In delivering KM solutions to world-class contact centers and self-service operations for more than 15 years, we have compiled hundreds of best practices. . . . Posted September 13, 2011

There is a new demand to get office networks off the ground and into the cloud. Companies large and small are considering a transition from on-premise systems for organizing their business files and records to cloud-based document management solutions to take advantage of cost savings, as well as benefit from unique features such as folderless data structures. For many years, the only way to deploy a document management solution. . . . Posted September 13, 2011

In order for an organization to properly implement and utilize a document management and workflow solution, it must first understand the "why" behind the potential purchase. In many cases, an organization will task an employee for identifying and cataloging multiple enterprise content management (ECM) vendors without understanding the overall need or push for this type of solution. . . . Posted September 13, 2011

Anyone who reads this magazine, attends our webinars or downloads these white papers already knows this: knowledge management is not an easy thing to define. You can't hit me hard enough with a stick to make me use the "elephant and the blind men" story again, but it's true. One person insists it's about the collaboration among people working in a "project space." Another talks about water coolers and prairie dogs (I'll explain later). . . . Posted September 13, 2011

Insights into the media landscape Posted September 08, 2011

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Posted September 01, 2011

The U.S. military deals with an enormous volume of information, myriad processes and a variety of analytical needs. In that respect, effective knowledge management is essential... Posted September 01, 2011

Posted September 01, 2011

Deal estimated at $10.3 billion Posted August 22, 2011

Agentless offering simplifies administration Posted August 10, 2011

Boosts agent-assisted and Web self-service capabilities Posted August 01, 2011

Blending knowledge management with social tools Posted July 29, 2011

Celebrating KM Promise and KM Reality Posted July 28, 2011

"Our challenge when we built our new data center was overall energy efficiency." Data centers, power distribution companies and construction firms all try to conserve energy... Posted July 05, 2011

Steve Arnold gets all sentimental in this analysis of cutting edge search technology. Posted July 05, 2011

Designing a business process management (BPM) application to address your organization's document processing challenges can be overwhelming. Using a "case management" construct as an organizing principle can often simplify the challenges associated with complex decision-intensive processes. The theory and practice of case management can be applied to every industry. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

Providing customer service used to be easy-customers showed up at your door or called you on the phone. But the explosion of channels has changed service delivery as customers now live a multi-channel life and easily shift from self-service, to the phone, email, chat, IVRs, store visits and kiosks to get help. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

The "customer experience" is the sum of all the interactions that a customer has with your company. It defines your company in terms of how easy or difficult it is to do business with, the quality of its products and services, and whether or not it cares about its customers. Ultimately, the customer experience determines how long customers will continue to do business with your company. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

People naturally want to share what they know. Customer service and support teams share knowledge every day, with email, shared drives, instant messaging and by just popping their head over a coworker's cubicle. Best practices like knowledge-centered support (KCS) make knowledge sharing a simple and effective part of the job. So, doing knowledge management right should be easy... but it's not. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

Customer service has emerged as one of the few remaining differentiators that businesses can sustain over time. Companies that are winning in this environment provide "stand-out" customer service by using knowledge to empower contact center agents and drive self-service interactions. In delivering KM solutions to world-class contact centers and self-service operations for more than 15 years. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

There are so many channels for customers to reach us, and so many ways in which to interact, that it is unclear whether the "contact center" or the "Web group" or the "marketing department" or the "salesforce" is in charge. Guess what. They all are, at any given point in the day or night. And each of these organizational groups has its own motives, its own directives and its own metrics for success. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

Adobe unveils Digital Enterprise Platform Posted June 20, 2011

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