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Knowledge Management

New mobile app, life edit and drag-and-drop Posted August 26, 2013

Adds significant connectors for the cloud Posted July 18, 2013

Building to build a medical database to help military mental health experts Posted July 15, 2013

Customers want answers to their questions and they want them fast. When a customer has a simple question, they don't want to search through pages and pages of content on a company's website to find their answer. Unfortunately this is generally the case on most company websites, creating an overall poor online customer experience. Using virtual agent software can help improve customer service by answering the customer's question without making them waste time searching through content. . . . Posted July 09, 2013

Cutting-edge technology empowers agents and customers with the information they need—on demand and in context. As a rule of thumb in customer service, any customer issue not resolved quickly will see its cost roughly triple. When you factor in research time, contact and context re-establishment time, time spent finding and bringing in experts to help, escalation time, time wasted on interruptions and more, you've got quite an inefficient, costly problem on your hands. . . . Posted July 09, 2013

Great customer support remains one of the few differentiators that businesses can sustain over time. Companies that are winning in today's hypercompetitive business environment provide standout customer service by leveraging knowledge to empower contact center agents and enable superior self-service for customers.

eGain has delivered KM solutions for multichannel customer support for well over 15 years. In the process, we have compiled hundreds of best practices; here are some of the popular ones. . . .
Posted July 09, 2013

Customer service has become an integral part of the added value chain. It contributes to turnover, profit and ROI, and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. Good service sets companies apart from the competition and stimulates growth in fiercely competitive markets. But the demand for fast reaction times with the correct answers in an atmosphere of extremely short innovation cycles causes service staff to be challenged even more.

Furthermore, professional customer service relies on powerful IT systems. Traditional IT systems that primarily focus on management of service processes need to be complemented by innovative, intelligent knowledge management methods and tools. . . .
Posted July 09, 2013

While we may still be waiting for flying cars and calorie-free ice cream, the future may be closer than you think when it comes to knowledge management. Here are five progressive ideas you can implement now to start building the knowledgebase of the future: 1. A search engine that knows what you are thinking. One of the most frustrating aspects of using a knowledge management tool is finding the answer you're looking for. Precious seconds are wasted trying different search queries and navigating complex hierarchies. But what if you didn't have to search at all? One of the most important advances in customer service knowledge management is the incorporation of customer context. . . . Posted July 09, 2013

Nowhere in your organizations can information be transformed into useful and actionable knowledge more gracefully and effectively than in your customer care (customer service, customer experience... whatever you want to call it) departments. For there resides the intersection between what you know, and what your customers want to know. But nobody says it's easy, and it's only getting harder. The three-way collision of Web self-service and social networking smashing into a reduced IT workforce and budget has done a number of whammys on KM in customer service. . . . Posted July 09, 2013

An important issue for long-term success of KM initiatives is aligning them with organizational strategy, especially in times of change. Posted July 05, 2013

Acquires i3 Analytics Posted June 28, 2013

KANA launches new version of Express Posted June 27, 2013

Introduces VOICES for digital customer service Posted June 26, 2013

Full set of knowledge, content management solutions Posted June 12, 2013

SherWeb selects the MetaVis Architect Suite because of its functionality and because it did not require installation or deployment of any server side controls Posted June 10, 2013

Create process efficiencies, understand customer sentiment at a granular level and derive insights from customer feedback data Posted May 30, 2013

Automates enrichment of columns with domain-specific metadata Posted May 28, 2013

Inside your company, valuable information is not being used. It's sitting in repositories where no one thinks to look, in the minds of experts no one thinks to ask, it's scattered in pieces across multiple systems and siloed organizations. Valuable content also sits outside your company—in social media, communities, etc.—created by your customers and industry experts, which is used and shared by other customers when they need answers. Posted May 28, 2013

Health reform efforts present a new type of knowledge management challenge. Posted May 28, 2013

"Semantic technology can improve indexing, identify entities and output tags, which can be analyzed by sophisticated numerical recipes..." Posted May 28, 2013

Introduces Content Matrix Migration Express Posted May 15, 2013

Act on enterprise data through a single social interface Posted May 09, 2013

Crowd-sourced intelligence for customer experience Posted May 08, 2013

Accellion integrates MobileIron AppConnect Posted May 06, 2013

Agent, Web, social and mobile Posted May 01, 2013

Big data. Unstructured data. Semi-structured data. Data is all over the technology news, and for good reason. It is overwhelming organizations, requiring them to find new ways to operate, stay competitive, better serve their customers and bring new products to market faster.

Companies are finding themselves with piles of information within multiple channels, locked away in silos-different systems, different departments, different geographies and different data types, making it impossible to connect the dots and make sense of critical business information.

Hidden inside streams of structured and unstructured data across cloud, social and on-premise systems are information relationships that answer questions employees haven't even thought to ask, but need to be asking. . . .
Posted April 30, 2013

"The blurring of CRM with knowledge management has begun in earnest..." Posted April 22, 2013

Turning information into strategic assets Posted March 22, 2013

Enterprise information management Posted March 19, 2013

"In my opinion, the reason why social search is a huge deal for both Facebook and Google is that the service allows precision-targeted advertising that is increasingly successful in achieving higher levels of revenue..." Posted March 12, 2013

Access to complete document library Posted March 07, 2013

"With the juggernaut of consolidation growing ever louder since we first put this list together in 2000, you'd think identifying a hundred companies that matter in knowledge management would be increasingly easier to assemble, right? Heck, it simply follows that with fewer companies to choose from, it would be simpler to pick 100. Not at all. It's harder than ever because of the increasing cross-functionality of today's solutions. " Posted March 01, 2013

"Clouds and portals are the new ecosystems and interfaces in this new world." Posted March 01, 2013

"A KM challenge today is dealing with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity." Posted March 01, 2013

"When trying to decide "which," be sure to document "why." Posted March 01, 2013

RightAnswers introduces SuiteApp, built on NetSuite SiteCloud platform Posted February 04, 2013

Our purpose was to awaken, enliven and re-establish the knowledge sciences as the core foundation upon which we can gain the greatest benefit from the amazing discoveries awaiting us... Posted January 31, 2013

Your colleagues really want a social layer across their digital experience. The marketplace isn't quite there yet ... but KM leaders with a broad field of vision can help lead the way... Posted January 31, 2013

"We're discovering the power of iteration at scale—many hands making many small tweaks can accomplish knowledge tasks that the old methodology would never even have attempted..." Posted January 31, 2013

SolvePath features natural language processing Posted January 22, 2013

"Innovation is a key priority not just for start-ups, but also for global product and service companies".... Posted December 31, 2012

"KM is about sharing and leveraging collective knowledge. We view it as the ‘boundaryless' flow of knowledge.".... Posted December 31, 2012

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