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Knowledge Management

SpringCM leaps forward Posted November 16, 2009

Posted November 16, 2009

New software from Jive Posted November 09, 2009

MultiCorpora tops 7,000 languages Posted November 09, 2009

ISYS' new Enterprise Access Suite Posted November 04, 2009

Vital Path announces Migration Center Posted November 04, 2009

Posted November 04, 2009

Bridgeline Software introduces V. 2.8 Posted October 21, 2009

SpringCM debuts 2010 connector Posted October 21, 2009

Brings text mining to Endeca's IAP Posted October 21, 2009

Posted October 21, 2009

Management 101 tells us that success in business starts with setting goals and measuring progress toward them. Service and support leaders are metrics masters: from electronic status boards to thick monthly reports, filled with charts and tables, leaders manage by the numbers. Traditionally, measuring support operations has been straightforward. Shorter hold times are better; higher abandonment rates are worse. Knowledge management is harder to measure. For example, how many articles should be written? As anyone who has waded through an overgrown, under-maintained knowledgebase can tell you... Posted October 19, 2009

People are beginning to realize it is a mistake to call some systems a "CMS" (content management system), when they are really referring to a "CCM" (component content management) system. The difference is critically important. By making this category mistake and confusing a CCM for a CMS, some organizations are failing to convince their management that they need a specialized system called a CCM. Their management or IT organizations think they already have one, when in fact they do not. Just as a source control system (which does versioning) is not a CMS and just as a Web content management (WCM) system is a specialized type of CMS, so a CCM is a unique specialized... Posted October 19, 2009

Community-based knowledge creation for customer service is not that new. However, enabled by the ubiquity and ease of use of the Web and the availability of social-networking tools, it has gone to a whole new level, leading to the coinage of the term "social knowledge." While more prevalent in B2C sectors, social knowledge is also starting to matter in B2B sectors. How can companies harvest the best of social knowledge for the customer service they offer through their own contact centers and service organizations? How should they engage with customers on social websites? The following five-step plan will help increase the odds of success... Posted October 19, 2009

Leading companies all over the world have significantly improved their customer service with well-executed knowledge management strategies. Knowledge management has transformed these companies, enabling them to harness the true value of information to improve overall service, cut costs and boost customer satisfaction and revenues. For other organizations, knowledge management initiatives have been plagued with costly setbacks and obstacles. What can be done to ensure the success of your knowledge management initiative? While the specific goals and implementation requirements of knowledge management vary... Posted October 19, 2009

There has always been a partisan divide among proponents, and critics, of know-ledge management. On one side of the aisle, there's a primarily vendor-driven insistence that "knowledge management" is the sum of a series of technologies, somehow mashed up and desktopped in such a way that the management of corporate know-how is "automated," and the result is the seamless transfer of information in all its forms among the minions that trudge through the door every morning. On the other side are the intellectual snobs who insist "knowledge cannot be managed." They'll concede that certain content management and analytics tools might smooth the pathway for "information management,"... Posted October 19, 2009

LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2 Posted October 14, 2009

Low-cost deployment of Web sites, intranets and portals Posted October 14, 2009

Inquira's iConnect for Siebel Contact Center Posted October 14, 2009

Active Endpoints Announces ActiveVOS 7.0 Posted September 30, 2009

NewsGator releases Social Sites 3.0 Posted September 30, 2009

Posted September 30, 2009

This is the second half of a two-part article, originally appearing in our KMWorld magazine, that explores the findings of a recent study on the future of the knowledge worker. The purpose of the research was to look at longer-term trends in how organizations will likely try to provide a compelling work environment that attracts, retains and leverages the best of the knowledge workers of the future. There are, of course, serious implications for search. Posted September 30, 2009

"The market for digital asset management (DAM) solutions remains robust, driven by increasing demand for rich media on Web sites, for marketing materials and in technical documentation. Ideally, assets for those purposes are managed centrally and published as needed to different destinations... Posted September 29, 2009

"We wanted to be able to process more business with the same number of staff ... Being able to reuse information saves a tremendous amount of time..." Posted September 29, 2009

eTouch releases SamePage 4.2 Posted September 16, 2009

Novell introduces new application Posted September 16, 2009

Coveo unveils new product Posted September 14, 2009

Information Today acquires conference Posted September 14, 2009

Posted September 09, 2009

IBM unveils new ECM software Posted September 02, 2009

Offers integrated e-discovery, archiving and compliance Posted September 02, 2009

Posted September 02, 2009

In times of economic turmoil, taking a look into the future toward 2020 might seem like an academic exercise at best. On the other hand, understanding what organizational strategies executives and professionals believe are needed to ensure a viable future is critical to identifying opportunities on the horizon as well as challenges before they become insurmountable. The purpose of this research was to peer into those longer-term trends to determine how organizations will likely try to provide a compelling work environment that attracts, retains and leverages the best of the knowledge workers of the future... Posted August 28, 2009

Autonomy adds to intelligent audio analytics Posted August 26, 2009

Altadyn debuts new platform Posted August 26, 2009

In a challenging economic climate, the name of the game is lowering costs and doing more with less. In our personal lives, we postpone or forego purchases that we do not deem absolutely necessary. In our business lives, we look for ways to do things more efficiently. We cut costs from day-to-day operations and take steps to increase the productivity and value of resources... Posted August 18, 2009

IBM facilitates decision-making Posted August 17, 2009

Improving client services Posted August 17, 2009

Enhanced e-discovery and early case assessment Posted August 17, 2009

CA and Acxiom partner Posted August 05, 2009

As more and more information is communicated through informal channels such as blogs and wikis, the importance of incorporating those electronic documents into a formal life cycle strategy also increases. An area of particular vulnerability is the issue of knowledge retention as the baby boomer generation moves into retirement... Posted August 03, 2009

Attensity Group offers deep analysis Posted July 22, 2009

Effective harvesting of knowledge Posted July 22, 2009

Xerox launches new tool Posted July 22, 2009

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