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Three products for content and e-mail management Posted April 25, 2013

Releases new mobile hub Posted April 24, 2013

Clarabridge launches Version 6.0 Posted April 22, 2013

Project management, terminology identification, in-country translation and quality assurance Posted April 22, 2013

Introduces enhanced SaaS GeoFluent Community solution Posted April 19, 2013

Next-Best-Action for real-time marketing Posted April 18, 2013

Search and discovery tools for professional and academic researchers Posted April 15, 2013

Nuxeo Mobile for iOS or Android Posted April 11, 2013

Bi-directional, high-fidelity SharePoint replication Posted April 10, 2013

Further extends BluePrinting capabilities Posted April 09, 2013

Enhancing administration, backup and management Posted April 08, 2013

Editing enhancements, Amazon EC2 support and more Posted April 04, 2013

Search has to be more than finding documents. It needs to integrate complex content from multiple sources and provide the output as an information resource to decision makers. Posted March 31, 2013

Advancing SharePoint 2013 migration with improved interface and site mapping Posted March 28, 2013

Microsoft SharePoint has grown so fast and has become so ubiquitous that AIIM recently suggested it had become a common noun for content management, like Kleenex for tissue and Xerox for copying.

According to AIIM surveys, SharePoint adoption rates have exceeded 65% across a variety of regions and industries, yet Forrester Research states over half of enterprises still maintain three or more ECM repositories. If SharePoint is so popular, why haven't more enterprises adopted it as their sole platform for enterprise content?

Good question. Microsoft said SharePoint 2010 was the answer. The company touted SharePoint 2010 as the "information operating system." Is it?,,,
Posted March 26, 2013

Accellion enhances kitepoint Posted March 25, 2013

Turning information into strategic assets Posted March 22, 2013

Releases Semaphore 3.6 Posted March 21, 2013

Kapow Enterprise 9.2 mines all information channels Posted March 20, 2013

Enterprise information management Posted March 19, 2013

Integrates content creation and delivery Posted March 18, 2013

Releases Respond 6.0 for cross-organizational response and action Posted March 11, 2013

Caseworker time spent retrieving information has dropped from days to just seconds Posted March 11, 2013

Free trial version available for download Posted March 08, 2013

Access to complete document library Posted March 07, 2013

Customers can now access full banking services without having to enter a branch office Posted March 04, 2013

Merging ECM and capture solutions Posted March 01, 2013

New Instaview templates from Pentaho Posted February 27, 2013

"From the dawn of history, the concept of zero has dramatically changed those cultures that have discovered how to enhance their social behavior. From simple counting to the ability to barter and exchange monetary representations to advanced mathematics, zero has played a pivotal role enabling the world's civilizations to advance and grow. In today's business environment, zero is still a powerful concept. . . ." Posted February 26, 2013

"Making the case for a more integrated approach to Web content management (WCM) is not difficult for any company focused on its customers. Consumer technologies such as smartphones, social media, personalization and video have conditioned customers to expect a faster and better experience with a higher degree of service. Most companies have some pieces needed to improve customer experience in one form or another lying around. . . ." Posted February 26, 2013

"In the Roman Empire, all roads led to Rome. Although that's no longer true, it's still a good metaphor for content management systems. Content management's primary focus is to make things easy to find, most often so you can take action. The main challenge to findability is anticipating how someone might look for information; what "road" they think will lead to the "Rome" they're seeking. That's where categorization comes into play. . . ." Posted February 26, 2013

"The explosion of mobile, cloud and social technologies has ushered in a business renaissance, forever changing how work gets done. While businesses rush to invest in these areas, they often overlook the vital role content plays, specifically how teams access content and how they interact with content in each of those environments. These interactions can make or break strategic, costly investments. . . ." Posted February 26, 2013

"There are three things we can be sure of in 2013. First, there will be more consumer devices in enterprises. Tablets will become increasingly popular, running iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and other operating systems. IT departments will find themselves struggling to meet security and compliance requirements in a disjointed world of consumer devices. Making IT's job harder will be the second thing we can be sure of in 2013. . . ." Posted February 26, 2013

"Many organizations worldwide have their C-level executives sitting in the boardroom, hemming and hawing over which strategies they must adopt in order to maintain a competitive advantage. There are plenty of business needs scattered throughout the enterprise—improving business processes, fostering collaboration among knowledge workers, providing access to all company-wide information, making better business decisions faster. . . . " Posted February 26, 2013

"It's been a busy month for me. I'm not complaining, mind you, but we've been adding some new projects around here—new print projects such as the "Meet The Leaders" series and new live roundtable Web events. Because of the lead times, they overlap and, frankly, get a little confused sometimes. An upcoming webinar on customer service feels a lot like the next white paper on knowledge management. And I'm not organized enough to compartmentalize these things, so I am in constant danger. . . ." Posted February 26, 2013

Mobile workflow and content management Posted February 21, 2013

Suite integrated within Accellion Mobile App Posted February 19, 2013

CoreMedia introduces Version 7 of platform Posted February 13, 2013

Releases Data Pump 11.6 Posted February 07, 2013

Dynamic taxonomies in large document sets Posted February 05, 2013

Features forms, BPM, Office integration Posted January 25, 2013

Releases ER/Studio XE3 Posted January 23, 2013

SolvePath features natural language processing Posted January 22, 2013

Atidan introduces SharePoint 2013 application framework Posted January 21, 2013

Migration, storage and replication solutions Posted January 16, 2013

Enterprise information management with Tempo Box eDOCS DM Posted January 15, 2013

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