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Providing relevant research to the science community

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To give its customers faster access to relevant information, IOP Publishing has implemented TEMIS’ semantic enrichment solution, Luxid. IOP publishes journals, websites and magazines for the scientific community.

Graham McCann, head of product management and innovation at IOP, says, “Luxid provides us with an impressive range of tools and capabilities that are helping us to enrich our content and build new services that will benefit everyone who uses our IOPscience platform.”

According to TEMIS, Luxid performs automated entity extraction and content recommendation through related documents linking, which allows users to discover the content best related to their research interests.

Part of the agreement with the publishing company is to develop a Skill Cartridge using a new thesaurus developed from IOP’s large collection of content in the physical sciences. Skill Cartridges are domain-specific modules that extract metadata from text and will provide Luxid with the scientific vocabulary for the semantic enrichment of content in the physical sciences.

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