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Records Management, E-Discovery, Compliance

Delivers "extra mile" for micro-vertical applications Posted August 12, 2015

Enhancements and new standardized packages Posted August 05, 2015

Upgrades Altitude IG search capabilities Posted July 29, 2015

Launches File Analysis Services Posted July 27, 2015

Boosts customer interaction, case resolution, compliance Posted July 07, 2015

Several trends are contributing to strong growth in the e-discovery market, including the ever increasing amount of litigation, greater volumes of data and a move toward adding in-house e-discovery capabilities. Posted July 03, 2015

Allows legal teams to maximize productivity Posted June 10, 2015

Enterprisewide document and data discovery Posted June 02, 2015

Enriches Relativity e-discovery platform Posted May 27, 2015

Initiative to automate its processes Posted May 27, 2015

Unveils Ringtail Audio Discovery Posted May 20, 2015

Integrates Microsoft Office 365 Management Activity API Posted April 24, 2015

Adds contract lifecycle management and accounts payable to SharePoint solutions Posted April 09, 2015

Launches with ZL Enterprise Analytics Posted April 06, 2015

Highlights innovations, performance and insight visualization Posted March 20, 2015

For us here at KMWorld, knowledge management is an attitude, an approach, not an application, and that's what we're celebrating with this list—companies that offer the tools to analyze, augment, enhance, manage and extend information assets to maximize potential for organizations of all sizes. Posted March 01, 2015

New kiteworks app for Android Posted February 11, 2015

Meeting FDA producting labeling requirements Posted February 09, 2015

Full e-discovery solution from kCura Posted January 28, 2015

The headlines capture your attention: "$4 Billion Settlement Reached for FOREX Manipulation!" In November, 2014, six of the largest international financial institutions agreed to more than $4 billion in settlements with both US and UK regulators regarding improper trading activities in the foreign exchange market. According to the Wall Street Journal, the regulators cited the banks for "inadequately supervising their traders and other employees and lacking sufficient controls to prevent them from engaging in allegedly improper behavior" . . . . Posted January 23, 2015

E-discovery advice is prevalent throughout legal, information management and technology publications, including varying opinions about the methods in which to diligently preserve and collect electronically stored information (ESI). Common themes focus on finding relevant ESI by understanding how your organization uses its information, locations where data resides, as well as knowing the scope of the collection for specific litigations. This guidance, coupled with the court's requirements, drives the desired outcome of using reasonable and repeatable processes, cost-effective methods and legally defensible practices . . . . Posted January 23, 2015

Before the "e" was in e-discovery, legal teams manually separated and clustered relevant documents together to understand the relevant facts.

A lot has changed since then. We've moved to online software that provides functionality to do the e-discovery process faster, but not necessarily better . . . .
Posted January 23, 2015

Predictive coding shows us where e-discovery technology wishes it could go: total automation. Encode a complete legal mind into a software program, load up the discovery portfolio, count to 10, and out pop coded, annotated, redacted production files.

It's a seductive concept, but such technology is a very long way off, and its broad acceptance by courts—which have yet to really say yea or nay even on predictive coding—is farther away still . . . .
Posted January 23, 2015

There's no way around it: Legal e-discovery is a 21st century, first-world problem. I'm pretty sure there's no one in a village in sub-Saharan Africa wondering if they are adequately protected from civil litigation. It's only a reality in today's multi-faceted, multinational and multi-problematic business world.

Which is still a pretty big deal . . . .
Posted January 23, 2015

Solution designed to reduce cost, provide deeper data insight Posted January 09, 2015

The company produced 600,000 relevant documents to the FTC within days. That would have been impossible with other kinds of technology Posted December 31, 2014

A new feature of KMWorld 2014 that may well be continued in the future was a company showcase designed to elicit input from conference attendees. Posted December 31, 2014

Content Analyst steps up with iCONECT Posted December 09, 2014

Releases Brainspace Discovery Version 5.1 Posted December 01, 2014

Expanded support for risk management programs Posted November 24, 2014

Enterprise social networks (ESNs) are becoming an increasingly important part of the way large organizations achieve their communication and collaboration goals, but there are many challenges associated with implementation.... Posted November 13, 2014

OpenText Core is built specifically for the digital enterprise Posted November 12, 2014

Sherpa Software, Content Analyst Company ink deal Posted October 27, 2014

Updated UI and cross-browser, cross-platform support Posted October 16, 2014

Drive customer retention while guaranteeing compliance Posted October 13, 2014

KPMG LLP and MetricStream to offer consulting and technology services Posted October 08, 2014

Recommind integration with EMC e-mail, document management Posted September 17, 2014

Identity and access management Posted September 16, 2014

Launch cognitive computing platform Posted September 12, 2014

Unveils Version 6.0 of the Nuix engine Posted September 11, 2014

Dynamic access management, data security, compliance Posted September 05, 2014

AvePoint releases DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack 5 Posted September 04, 2014

We've published our annual list of Trend-Setting Products for nearly a decade and a half (more than a century in "technology years"),...This year, we looked at more than 600 products. Some have been around for a while, a testimony to the limber execution of their initial mission of adaptability. Others are relatively new. Posted September 01, 2014