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Records Management, E-Discovery, Compliance

A presentation at by Lt. Col. David S. Sanchez of the USAF examined the importance of tagging documents with metadata and aligning information governance and content. Posted December 05, 2012

New version of forensics software Posted November 21, 2012

Analyze content, enforce compliance, mitigate risk Posted November 09, 2012

Metalogix introduces Content Matrix 6.0 Posted November 05, 2012

Legal holds, in-place early case assessment, collections of evidence from multiple data sources, review and production Posted October 31, 2012

Custom workflow creation and automation Posted October 22, 2012

Electronic Discovery Reference Model machine learning Posted October 17, 2012

Control of full e-discovery process Posted October 10, 2012

Posted September 29, 2012

"Companies that succeed are the ones that take risks. However, the risks need to be understood and managed..." Posted September 29, 2012

New API for Unified Archive Posted September 27, 2012

Introduces Unified Records Management Posted September 25, 2012

RSD announces GLASS 3 Posted September 24, 2012

Higher-quality, lower-cost integration projects Posted September 21, 2012

Releases Mobile Phone Examiner Plus 5.0 Posted September 14, 2012

Combining OpenText Tempo with eDOCS DM Posted September 06, 2012

"This marks the tenth anniversary of our Trend-Setting Products list..." Posted September 01, 2012

"Following a presidential memo, the National Archives prepares a new records management directive that requires each agency to designate a senior official to supervise an evaluation of the agency's records management program..." Posted September 01, 2012

BA Insight adds three more to library Posted August 28, 2012

"Corporations are abuzz over information governance (IG) because it conceptually represents painful macro trends that are hitting them: Explosive growth of all types of data (a.k.a. big data, the other hot buzz concept); and intensifying focus on governance. The data challenges are volume, velocity, variety and complexity. For governance, it's the unrelenting pressure to ensure that the right policies are in place to reduce exposure to legal and/or regulatory actions and cost. . . . " Posted August 28, 2012

"As today's enterprises begin to redefine their infrastructures and management roadmaps to deal with big data, leading companies have begun to pursue a new vision of what their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution offerings should contain. Gone are the old-school strategies—adding storage and building mega-repositories to enforce policies in one place. In the new paradigm are "active information governance" approaches that leverage indexing technologies to discover, analyze and act in real-time on large volumes of data in their native environments. The Core Information...." Posted August 28, 2012

"As a natural result of the corporate transition from paper documents to electronic documents, e-discovery has been an important topic for several years. Nighty-eight percent (98%) of all documents now originate electronically and most exist in unstructured and unmanaged repositories, not managed enterprise content management (ECM) systems. All of this important electronically stored information (ESI) has made the requirements of e-discovery far-reaching. . . ." Posted August 28, 2012

"In just a few years, social media has gone from a cutting-edge phenomenon to a mainstream channel that corporations use to engage clients, partners, and vendors. As a result, business leaders responsible for information management must explore this pervasive communication channel and understand how its use may impact the organization's ability to manage risk. As the nature of communication between employees, customers and businesses evolves, corporations are leveraging social media networks and using mobile. . . " Posted August 28, 2012

"Information governance: Two words regularly used by top executives to describe new programs for complying with the plethora of government mandates, the proliferation of content and the increasing legal and operational costs associated with corporate information. Information governance programs are also being developed to address new trends such as cloud computing, social media platforms, management of big data and "bring your own device" (BYOD) initiatives. For many organizations. . . . " Posted August 28, 2012

""Information governance" is all over the news. It's a relatively new and buzzy discipline, but trending fast toward general acceptance. I like when that happens, but it's not an area in which I am tremendously well-versed. So when I caught this assignment, I sought out the best person I could think of to have a chat. Tamir Sigal is the senior marketing professional at RSD. He's also a friendly and talkative dude, and has become a friend. And on top of all that, he also has some strong opinions regarding the state of the art in information governance, and more..." Posted August 28, 2012

BP Logix releases Process Director 2.5 Posted August 23, 2012

Task and document management Posted August 21, 2012

Version 5.0 introduced Posted August 20, 2012

Redmond wants to focus on individual users, with the moniker, "The new way to work together." Posted July 30, 2012

StoredIQ offers visualization and analytics Posted July 26, 2012

Blending technology and consulting services Posted July 19, 2012

Clustify 3.1 improves legal review Posted July 17, 2012

Automated access and content controls Posted July 13, 2012

Any device access to workplace applications Posted July 09, 2012

Visual analytics and improved user experience Posted July 03, 2012

New version of EOS and RSD Folders Posted July 02, 2012

Releases Version 9.0 of Katalyst platform Posted June 27, 2012

New interface, Windows and Mac versions for Ontrack EasyRecovery 10 Posted June 13, 2012

HiSoftware solution for organizations with budget constraints Posted June 11, 2012

Public sector infrastructure as a service Posted June 07, 2012

Concept Searching's framework for e-discovery, forensics suite Posted June 04, 2012

Designed for expanding environments Posted May 08, 2012

"The user should not be a de facto records manager, now that methods of doing it automatically are available."... Posted April 29, 2012

Beefs up cloud capabilities Posted April 11, 2012

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