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Records Management, E-Discovery, Compliance

Releases Version 9.0 of Katalyst platform Posted June 27, 2012

New interface, Windows and Mac versions for Ontrack EasyRecovery 10 Posted June 13, 2012

HiSoftware solution for organizations with budget constraints Posted June 11, 2012

Public sector infrastructure as a service Posted June 07, 2012

Concept Searching's framework for e-discovery, forensics suite Posted June 04, 2012

Designed for expanding environments Posted May 08, 2012

"The user should not be a de facto records manager, now that methods of doing it automatically are available."... Posted April 29, 2012

Beefs up cloud capabilities Posted April 11, 2012

Legally defensible content, collaboration and storage management Posted April 06, 2012

Strengthening e-discovery, information management Posted April 05, 2012

The best way to promote adoption and enhance technology is to improve those points where people intersect with technology. These points are not only the user interface and features, it also includes the content within it. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Living in the information age is a mixed blessing for most of us. In our consumer lives, we have more information at our fingertips than ever. But in our work lives, where we are also expected to have unprecedented access to enterprise information. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Microsoft SharePoint is considered one of the fastest growing enterprise applications in the market. Many organizations view SharePoint 2010 as a platform for enterprise content management and collaboration since it makes it easier. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Introduces DocAve Content Shield Posted March 21, 2012

With governance in IT, "the big picture is how critical content is protected and managed." Posted March 01, 2012

Compiled Services releases V. 4.1 Posted February 29, 2012

Azaleos offers new services Posted February 23, 2012

The U.S. Army Records Management and Declassification Agency (RMDA) provides oversight for the Army’s records management program. It also establishes programs for records collection, and operates and sustains the Army electronic archive. Posted February 22, 2012

Idera introduces new product Posted February 14, 2012

Complete e-discovery solution Posted February 09, 2012

Toyota Motor Sales USA has implemented software from ZL Technologies to solve its in-house e-mail archiving challenges. Posted February 08, 2012

Enhanced productivity, support for industry-specific regulations Posted February 07, 2012

AccessData redesigns Summation product portfolio Posted January 27, 2012

Automated PST management from C2C Posted January 26, 2012

Posted January 25, 2012

If in-house e-discovery is so great, why are some people still talking about it instead of just doing it? Bringing more of the e-discovery process in-house truly is not for everyone-but probably not for the reasons that you think. Let's review some of the most common objections so that we can better understand them and determine whether those roadblocks are real or artificial. . . . Posted January 23, 2012

E-discovery is the identification, gathering, culling, analysis and legal review of data (e.g., electronic documents, communications, database records and systems transaction logs) related to an actual or anticipated legal matter. E-discovery touches important data-related organizational areas such as IT, information governance, compliance, email and records management, legal hold and information access. . . . Posted January 23, 2012

Today's legal environment is very complex. Attorneys are faced with myriad challenges to effectively and efficiently support the digital demands associated with a growing number of cases. Many of these challenges are created by the rapidly advancing technologies in both the corporate and social spheres. When the focus is electronic discovery, the technologies that create these challenges. . . . Posted January 23, 2012

This article discusses the importance of viewing in an e-discovery solution and focuses on the five keys for selecting the viewer that meets your e-discovery requirements. Viewing is one of the pillars of an effective e-discovery solution and can be either a pre-integrated viewer, as part of the enterprise content management platform, or a separate use case-based process-oriented solution. . . . Posted January 23, 2012

E-discovery used to be the province of the enterprise but that is changing, and it is changing fast. Litigation, regulatory compliance, external and internal investigations are moving into the mid-tier of organizations with a few hundred to a few thousand employees. All of these processes require e-discovery collections on user data including email, files and SharePoint. . . . Posted January 23, 2012

Concept-based advanced analytics isn't anything new, and many of the technologies incorporating conceptual analytics are very mature. Numerous case studies illustrate how these technologies help manage costs, trim schedules and increase quality throughout the e-discovery process. Justices, too, are pressing attorneys to use advanced techniques to avoid keyword pitfalls. . . . Posted January 23, 2012

The e-discovery frenzy that has gripped the American legal system over the past decade has become increasingly expensive. Particularly costly to organizations is the process of preserving and collecting documents. These aspects of discovery are often lengthy and can be disruptive to business operations. Just as troubling, they increase the duration and expense of litigation. . . . Posted January 23, 2012

All-in-one or best-in-breed? A single software suite or a number of point solutions unified together to operate as a cohesive solution? These two questions have been hotly debated in the e-discovery tech industry for years. E-discovery has many steps, and each step requires software in order to execute. As each part of the process is conducted, the individual pieces of information flow. . . . Posted January 23, 2012

I approach the monthly pleasure of writing these articles with an exotic blend of awe and dread. Dread, due mostly to the fear that I cannot possibly find anything worthwhile to say to you readers that can measurably improve your (a.) life; (b.) job or (c.) hairstyle. (I made that last one up; there always has to be three things. Just ask Rick Perry.) The awe factor usually comes when I find out about halfway through that I am utterly wrong... Posted January 23, 2012

AvePoint releases DocAve 6 Posted January 18, 2012

Hardware and software system Posted January 11, 2012

Adds to computing management capabilities Posted January 09, 2012

Eliminating identity crises Posted December 28, 2011

Case Central's CloudConnect Posted December 27, 2011

Autonomy technology powers HP's V.7.2 Posted December 19, 2011

MetaVis Migrator for Google Apps Posted December 13, 2011

Knowledge, content management for the legal industry Posted December 13, 2011