Knowledge Management

TheBrain goes mobile

Support for iPhone and iPad Posted April 04, 2014

Data Harmony unveils Version 3.9

Access Innovation division improves search efficiency Posted April 01, 2014

Organizations reap benefits from a knowledge-enhancing Web experience

Companies are using knowledge management to improve the Web experience of customers in life sciences, professional services, mortgage lending and a host of other industries. Posted March 31, 2014

Happy union: KM and the cloud?

Cloud computing and big data appear to be a new technology marriage made in heaven. For many organizations, the cloud and big data could crack the knowledge management problem. Posted March 31, 2014

Expert systems for Mac

Exsys releases Corvid Core Posted March 27, 2014

Bitrix24 broadens collaboration capabilities

Introduces new desktop app Posted March 21, 2014

The Nexus of Knowledge: People + Information + Context

There's no denying that colleagues (and customers) share information and tacit knowledge when they get together. But in a world of virtual work teams and globally diverse organizations, how do you know who's doing what, and what that might mean to you? Posted March 20, 2014

The preventive power of analytics

Identifying at risk patients for earlier intervention and better care Posted March 03, 2014

KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

The list is intended to spark a larger discussion of knowledge management. We're always on the lookout for groundbreaking solutions or notable modifications to existing ones. And, throughout the year, the organizations and products we find most interesting will be showcased in our magazine and on our site, Posted March 01, 2014

Bridging context and best practice

Those who accept that the tool cannot "do the whole job" realize the KM manager's special challenge is to identify the dimensions of best practice that continue to lie beyond the tool's grasp. It is to discover and manage the bridge between the fully known procedures of IT operations and the skills necessary to deal with the ever-surprising uncertainty and ambiguity of real practice. Posted March 01, 2014

Video instant messaging: a misunderstood KM disrupter

Due to ever-falling costs, high-availability data connections, smart mobile devices and the growth of cloud computing, knowledge management and enterprise collaboration in general are undergoing something of a rebirth. Posted March 01, 2014

KM strategy bears fruit in Russia

Posted March 01, 2014

Video metadata: ripe for innovation

Video is a content type that has increasing importance in the enterprise. Posted March 01, 2014

Moving beyond credentials

Expertise now extends beyond the individual experts. It occurs within networks of conversation. Networked expertise enables us to extend knowledge far beyond the brains and books of individuals.... Posted March 01, 2014

Big Data Delivering Big Knowledge

Is your organization limiting its knowledge? This question usually leads to discussions about an organization's view of big data. It's typically centered only on internal transaction data available in their customer relationship management (CRM), electronic resource planning (ERP) or other cloud-based enterprise applications. However, this contradicts what most IT business leaders want. Posted February 26, 2014

Semantic Analysis of Unstructured Data

Big data is a much-hyped subject. In fact, the term is rather misleading because it seems to relate only to the volume of data, while ignoring its heterogeneous nature. Accordingly, the general definition of "big data," as suggested by Gartner, also considers the complexity and variety of data, thus focusing on the relevance of highly heterogeneous and unstructured information and how it can be analyzed in various forms. In particular, apart from the growing network of machines and equipment, social interactions are a further source of big data. With the exchange of messages in a wide variety of formats, on various platforms, and through multiple channels, large amounts of data are generated that demand analysis and interpretation. Posted February 25, 2014

Increase Return on Knowledge with Higher User Engagement

Collective enterprise knowledge is the asset that differentiates an organization from its competitors. Posted February 21, 2014

KM helps reshape the practice of law

"The focus is social knowledge and finding the right people, then engaging them directly with a new problem set. In general, people who share knowledge rather than hold it do well in this setting." Posted January 31, 2014

Microlearning from the KM perspective

Knowledge workers are not just consumers of content but also creators of knowledge assets. Posted January 31, 2014

Complete customer experience management in the cloud

SDL launches unified suite Posted January 27, 2014

Metalogix offers free SharePoint migration tool

Introduces Migration Expert Posted January 21, 2014

KANA launches new LAGAN Enterprise

Designed for government "Digital First" initiatives Posted January 15, 2014

Bloomfire now integrates with Okta

Single sign-on, user management for customers Posted January 10, 2014

Verint Systems to buy KANA Software

Cash deal valued at $514 million Posted January 07, 2014

KM past and future: It's about the customer

Customer experience management is at the vortex of a set of forces that are driving customer engagement like never before, and KM is there to play its part... Posted December 31, 2013

2013 Promise and Reality award winners:
KM Reality Award winner NASA Safety Center

The winners of the KM Promise and the KM Reality awards were formally announced on Thursday, Nov. 7, at the 2013 KMWorld Conference in Washington, D.C. Posted December 31, 2013

2013 Promise and Reality award winners:
KM Promise Award winner Decooda

The winners of the KM Promise and the KM Reality awards were formally announced on Thursday, Nov. 7, at the 2013 KMWorld Conference in Washington, D.C. Posted December 31, 2013

KANA releases significant new version of its enterprise solution

Unifies multilingual, multinational customer service across channels Posted December 10, 2013

A measure of success: customer loyalty

Continually monitoring activity across multiple customer communication channels Posted November 25, 2013

Unleashing data integration with Kapow 9.3

Broader data acquisition, enhanced exploration and distribution capabilities Posted November 18, 2013

Deeper Bloomfire integration into Salesforce

Also unveils public leaderboard for community engagement, expertise location Posted November 18, 2013

How Relevant Knowledge Drives Superior Customer Experiences

Engaging with customers and understanding how well your organization manages theseinteractions is essential to building customer loyalty. This article will focus on concretesolutions that will help improve optimum customer experiences and help organizationsdifferentiate themselves for competitive advantage. Knowledge is everywhere. Agents andcustomers demand more relevant and personalized experiences. Are your employees andcustomers able to access relevant knowledge to create positive customer experiences? Customers today are interacting with companies more often and via multiplechannels—customer contact centers, websites, social media, etc. . . . Posted November 05, 2013

Concept Searching, Enterprise Knowledge join forces

Partner for KM and information management solutions Posted October 29, 2013

2013 KMWorld Promise and Reality award finalists

The winners of the KM Promise and the KM Reality awards will be formally announced on Thursday, Nov. 7, at the 2013 KMWorld Conference at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Washington, D.C. Posted October 29, 2013

We must all be mentors now

Be sure to create, nurture and grow a mentoring community of practice. Have your best mentors mentor your junior mentors in the art of mentoring... Posted October 29, 2013

Bad comments are your fault

Let me put this more bluntly: If the comments on your site's content are broken, it's your fault... Posted October 29, 2013

The new conversation manifesto

As KM moves on to embrace not just "stocks" of best practices but also "flows" and living networks, conversation is being seen as a key facilitator for peer learning as well as just-in-time learning... Posted October 29, 2013

UNCHC gains medical insights from big data analytics

Clinicians can quickly access and analyze critical patient information Posted October 14, 2013

A “smart” knowledgebase from Bloomfire

Provides a robust, personalized experience Posted October 10, 2013

E-commerce buys into KM

"If you're handling 100,000 orders a year, even 10 cents an order can make a huge difference." Posted September 29, 2013

Visualizing knowledge

Modern knowledge visualization tools may have started as simple drawing tools, but they have evolved into collaborative environments that help teams share information effectively, develop shared mental models and provide context in a way no other tool can.... Posted September 29, 2013

Critical Practices That Drive Successful Analytics and Data Projects

Six important practices can propel organizations to the forefront of their industries by tapping into the huge business value in content. Analytics tools (such as Smartlogic's software suite, Semaphore) identify, classify, extract, integrate and surface the information contained in content, making it digestible, intelligible and valuable. This kind of "content intelligence" supports existing information management, enterprise search and business intelligence systems. . . . Posted September 24, 2013

CEO Mandate: A Higher Return on Knowledge

The top CEO challenge—according to recent surveys including IBM's annual CEO survey—is responding to customers and marketplaces with greater relevance and immediacy. That's because lack of relevance and responsiveness carries huge economic consequences—missing opportunities, poor customer service, lower sales, customer-churn, sub-optimal products and services, costs associated with reinventing the wheel and more. . . . Posted September 24, 2013

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