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SharePoint's broad acceptance in the marketplace substantially increases its value. If you're trying to help a bunch of people work together around documents and content, it makes obvious sense to use a tool that is already on everyone's desktop. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Businesses often choose SharePoint as the platform for their intranet because it effectively combines content management, collaboration, search, flexible user profiles, application development capabilities and security. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Microsoft SharePoint's growth over the past several years has been dramatic. Microsoft claims that they have added about 20,000 SharePoint users per day, every day for the last five years. That adds up to over 36 million users! . . . . Posted March 27, 2012

According to Microsoft, every day for the past five years 20,000 new SharePoint users have been added. As one of the most popular departmental content management solutions, SharePoint silos are now littering the organizational landscape. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Living in the information age is a mixed blessing for most of us. In our consumer lives, we have more information at our fingertips than ever. But in our work lives, where we are also expected to have unprecedented access to enterprise information. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

The popularity of previous SharePoint versions led many organizations to deploy SharePoint across various business units and departments—frequently on a large scale. Many of these organizations are now attracted to the key functionality. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Microsoft SharePoint is considered one of the fastest growing enterprise applications in the market. Many organizations view SharePoint 2010 as a platform for enterprise content management and collaboration since it makes it easier. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Microsoft SharePoint is a "jack of all trades" technology—providing everything from an intranet portal, to a document management, records management, collaboration, knowledge management solution, to a replacement of file shares. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Are you thinking about deploying Microsoft SharePoint 2010 in your organization? You won't have to do much research before you come across the big "G" word—governance. Just the word itself is somewhat imposing. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

That conquering sound you hear is SharePoint, and it is nothing short of apocalyptic. You'll see it mentioned elsewhere a couple times in this White Paper: The fastest growing business application in Microsoft history. . . Posted March 27, 2012

Lexmark acquires ISYS, Brainware for Perceptive unit Posted March 26, 2012

Introduces DocAve Content Shield Posted March 21, 2012

Luxid powered by Document Filters Posted March 19, 2012

Azaleos taps FAST Search Server 2010 Posted March 12, 2012

A boost for data extraction and aggregation Posted March 07, 2012

As the information tsunami rages, is SharePoint a solution to information management woes or a contributing factor to the challenges we face in managing information? KMWorld columnist Stephen Arnold talks you through it. Posted March 01, 2012

Azaleos offers new services Posted February 23, 2012

The U.S. Army Records Management and Declassification Agency (RMDA) provides oversight for the Army’s records management program. It also establishes programs for records collection, and operates and sustains the Army electronic archive. Posted February 22, 2012

Posted February 01, 2012

Hardware and software system Posted January 11, 2012

Copyright Clearance Center acquires Pubget Posted January 11, 2012

Adds to computing management capabilities Posted January 09, 2012

SharePoint allows you to move beyond storing information in file shares and e-mail and start collaborating and collecting knowledge... Posted January 01, 2012

Lucid Imagination offers online courses Posted December 29, 2011

Case Central's CloudConnect Posted December 27, 2011

New options for Ektron-powered Web sites Posted December 22, 2011

eGain 10 designed for medium-sized businesses Posted December 21, 2011

Autonomy technology powers HP's V.7.2 Posted December 19, 2011

MetaVis Migrator for Google Apps Posted December 13, 2011

Knowledge, content management for the legal industry Posted December 13, 2011

Up to four times faster, says company Posted December 09, 2011

Posted December 07, 2011

Bringing semantics to content management Posted November 30, 2011

Search enhancements for SharePoint Posted November 11, 2011

Attivio releases AIE 3.0 Posted November 02, 2011

My view is that a content management system exposes problems that were previously invisible... Posted October 29, 2011

Coveo unveils Version 7.0 Posted October 27, 2011

Deal expands value of unstructured data Posted October 20, 2011

Said to be first FAST partner to build connectors Posted October 14, 2011

Releases Luxid 6 for text analytics Posted October 13, 2011

Web services framework Posted October 10, 2011

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