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Enterprise Search

With the implementation of FRE 502, the use of advanced analytical software such as concept searching in your review platform becomes an important tool in preventing inadvertent waiver of privilege. Concept searching can also play a critical role... Posted February 02, 2009

Interest in electronic discovery within many organizations has risen in the past four years. One telling data point is the relative rise in search queries on Google for the term "ediscovery". A report from Google Insights for Search shows a spike... Posted February 02, 2009

Managing legal holds requires an organization to make the same commitment to quality improvement that it applies to any of its business practices, whether it's customer care, manufacturing or inventory management... Posted February 02, 2009

The risks and costs for corporations faced with requests for electronic discovery have never been higher. These realities are forcing most corporate counsel to look for alternatives to the model of outsourcing the management and execution... Posted February 02, 2009

Whether shopping online, browsing the corporate intranet or conducting legal research, end users typically call upon a search engine for one of three reasons: to find, discover or explore information. When it comes to carrying out discovery work... Posted February 02, 2009

Let's say you are CIO/head of legal technology/technical staff. You've just finished getting your company's electronically stored information (ESI) ready for discovery, and are reviewing the costs of the project. One thing's certain: the bill... Posted February 02, 2009

In many instances, when in-house legal professionals require advanced searching capabilities for e-discovery and legal activities, they often default to in-house variants of common Web search tools. However, Web search tools are not optimized... Posted February 02, 2009

In the mid-1960s, the term "email" was simply a way to transfer electronic information from one user's directory to another on the same computer. In the 1970s, email as we now know it evolved through the development of standards... Posted February 02, 2009

In some ways, we were way ahead of the curve. We've been talking on these pages about the challenges of locating, retrieving, indexing and presenting electronic information in the event of litigation—also known as "e-discovery"... Posted February 02, 2009

Recommind releases MindServer Search 6 Posted January 28, 2009

Concept Searching and WAND Posted January 28, 2009

Posted January 28, 2009

$775 million price tag Posted January 22, 2009

Content Analyst and Legal XtraNet join forces Posted January 22, 2009

InQuira releases Version 8.1 Posted December 17, 2008

Expanded content mining Posted November 17, 2008

Endeca complements DAM initiatives Posted November 12, 2008

Quintura upgrades its offering Posted November 06, 2008

Hot Neuron introduces Clustify 2.0 Posted November 06, 2008

Posted November 03, 2008

Search products are proliferating powerfully in both capabilities and applicability. Here's a snapshot of the search state of the art... Posted November 03, 2008

Posted October 31, 2008

Kazeon introduces new capabilities Posted October 23, 2008

Enterprise-scale e-discovery Posted October 23, 2008

Advancing knowledgebase performance Posted October 23, 2008

Vivisimo announces Velocity 7.0 Posted October 15, 2008

Adds site search and merchandising Posted October 15, 2008

Nstein introduces WCM 4.0 Posted October 13, 2008

Joint marketing for information management Posted October 13, 2008

Content Analyst launches CAAT 3.3 Posted October 06, 2008

E-discovery meets text analytics Posted September 08, 2008

Introduces open software tools, services Posted September 04, 2008

Axcelerate 3.0 from Recommind Posted September 04, 2008

Google has been and remains a secretive company. Part of the firm's reluctance to engage in orgies of public relations is common sense. Mountain View, Calif., is open but also closed. Posted August 31, 2008

Enhance forensic investigations Posted August 25, 2008

Updated server, capabilities Posted August 20, 2008

A meaningful platform Posted August 18, 2008

Announces new Content Connector Posted August 18, 2008

iCONECT and Content Analyst partner Posted August 18, 2008

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine Posted August 04, 2008

PersonalBrain 4.5 released Posted August 04, 2008

Search site for shipping industry Posted August 04, 2008

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