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When social networking and collaboration tools and media first emerged as a cultural phenomenon, many companies had a predictable reaction: ignore a new form of communication that, at first glance, could not be influenced, much less controlled. However, as these social media have matured, the most progressive brand stewards recognize that embracing social networks and collaboration tools can enhance customers' relationships with a brand, and be an invaluable resource for serving those customers better... Posted September 29, 2008

From media sharing to wikis to social tagging, user-generated content reflects a powerful way for consumers to control and enrich their online experience. Although it may seem scary for most businesses, user-generated content also represents a golden opportunity for marketers: by harnessing this phenomenon, companies can get closer to their customers, strengthen brand loyalty and capture new ideas and insights. The emerging role of connected consumers—combined with the explosion of other digital technologies—has transferred control of marketplace... Posted September 29, 2008

Today's enterprise knowledge workers (KWs) use social computing tools to get their work done. They blog, create podcasts and produce content for wikis. They subscribe to RSS feeds, join social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and employ shared content tagging. All of this is done to overcome the barriers to efficient collaboration posed by a distributed workforce that spans geographies and time zones. Although developed for the consumer market, these tools play an increasingly important role... Posted September 29, 2008

We USED to have a joke around the office. Whenever one of us had a question we couldn't immediately resolve, someone would inevitably pipe up, "Hey, let's start a wiki." It was dripping with sarcasm. We are self-righteously skeptical of buzz terms, especially one as silly as that—"wiki..." I mean, come on...! Posted September 29, 2008

Vialect releases Noodle Posted September 17, 2008

Yammer rolls out its offering Posted September 17, 2008

Momindum launches K-base 2.0 Posted September 10, 2008

Socialcast's corporate social network Posted September 08, 2008

Contextware introduces Version 3.1 Posted August 11, 2008

IBM develops Version 8 on System z Posted July 10, 2008

Igloo partners with TriCipher Posted June 23, 2008

Inmagic introduces new product Posted June 18, 2008

NewsGator enhances Social Sites Posted June 16, 2008

Highlights Flash support Posted June 09, 2008

Vignette releases three new products Posted May 20, 2008

More 2.0 from Percussion Posted April 28, 2008

JackBe introduces Presto 2.0 Posted April 23, 2008

Trampoline announces Sonar Dashboard Posted April 23, 2008

Octopz unveils new version Posted April 23, 2008

Socialtext introduces Version 3.0 Posted April 22, 2008

Posted April 16, 2008

Nuospace from BrightSide Software Posted March 26, 2008

Near-Time introduces Connection Posted March 10, 2008

Spicer opens door on ViewCafé 4.2 Posted March 10, 2008

Open Text launches new initiative Posted March 03, 2008

Posted February 29, 2008

So why do these companies matter? Not necessarily because they are the most innovative, but that's a factor. Not because they are ahead of the curve on Enterprise 2.0 initiatives, but that's also a factor.Not because they are the most financially successful (that's not a factor), and not because they have the most efficient marketing engines—that's not a factor either.We have long held that the true essence of knowledge management is an attitude, a single-minded commitment to improvement. Posted February 29, 2008

SAVO Group introduces new platform Posted January 30, 2008

Secure knowledge sharing Posted January 30, 2008

Open source tool improves performance Posted January 23, 2008

Deal worth $8.5 billion Posted January 16, 2008

Alfresco raises the bar Posted December 05, 2007

FatWire launches new capabilities Posted November 28, 2007

Connectbeam releases new appliance Posted November 12, 2007

Selecting winners for these awards gets more difficult each year. When we handed out the first ones at the 2001 KMWorld conference, we received roughly 20 nominations for each category. The number of submissions has grown each year since then; we received more than 175 (both formal and informal) this year, and paring them down to these finalists was especially tough... Posted November 01, 2007

Tacit releases new version of Illumio Posted November 01, 2007

Adds collaboration and content integration technologies Posted October 29, 2007

PaperThin launches CommonSpot 5.0 Posted October 24, 2007

New capabilities from Percussion Posted October 22, 2007

Coveo unveils CES 5.0 Posted October 16, 2007

Vivisimo announces Velocity 6.0 Posted October 10, 2007

New service from Northern Light Posted September 26, 2007

Assembling this list is never easy, but for the editorial colleagues, analysts, integrators and select group of users who chose which products belong on it, this year has been especially difficult. Posted August 31, 2007

Posted August 31, 2007

AskMe introduces "Azo" Posted August 29, 2007

Teragram introduces MyGADs Enterprise Edition Posted August 15, 2007

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