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Today's business leaders are faced with a decade's old question when it comes to purchasing enterprise software: Invest in one broad enterprise management suite or integrate several deep best-of-breed solutions to meet a variety business needs? Posted October 08, 2015

Workplace collaboration on any device Posted September 30, 2015

New release of its data intelligence platform Posted September 23, 2015

MS Office integration, sync and push and field reference app Posted September 18, 2015

We published our first KMWorld Trend-Setting Products list nearly a decade-and-a-half ago because we wanted to bring some clarity to the sometimes elusive knowledge management needs of our subscribers. Posted September 01, 2015

"Many business models under which organizations operate do not truly accommodate the requirements for today's knowledge economy. They do not incorporate the learning cycle or the process of innovation, and without a valid model, metrics are difficult." Posted September 01, 2015

While that might sound like a simple question - and one that would provoke a flippant response along the lines of ‘well yes, we've been mobile for years' - what it means to be truly mobile is changing so your customer service might not be as ready as you previously thought… Posted August 17, 2015

Adds to quiver of communication, collaboration and productivity tools Posted July 30, 2015

As companies look to embrace mobile and multichannel options to serve customers on their own terms, they rely on knowledge management to implement such processes as bill payment and insurance claims. Posted July 03, 2015

Robust analytics platform Posted June 19, 2015

Enterprise mobility management Posted June 16, 2015

Improved access and enterprise content sharing Posted April 17, 2015

For us here at KMWorld, knowledge management is an attitude, an approach, not an application, and that's what we're celebrating with this list—companies that offer the tools to analyze, augment, enhance, manage and extend information assets to maximize potential for organizations of all sizes. Posted March 01, 2015

New kiteworks app for Android Posted February 11, 2015

OpenText Core is built specifically for the digital enterprise Posted November 12, 2014

Full recognition of U.S. checks Posted November 10, 2014

Adds two-factor authentication to kiteworks Posted October 29, 2014

Available through the IBM Cloud Posted October 28, 2014

Mobile apps are becoming the de facto way of doing business. Both your customers and employees demand them, and you can be sure your competitors are moving to deploy mobile apps to streamline processes both within the organization and outside to engage both customers and partners. Supporting improved productivity; greater customer engagement; less cost and greater ease of doing business—mobile apps can give you a significant competitive advantage. . . . Posted October 24, 2014

Knowledge is like water; it wants to flow. Today's bring-your-own-device/bring-your-own-app (BYOD/BYOA) work environments are more porous than ever. Knowledge now has more outlets, more fissures in the enterprise landscape through which to seep. If you can effectively ride the tide to manage the flow of information across these new tributaries—making the right information ubiquitously accessible to the right people, in a context of business action—you can effectively "raise the IQ" of your entire organization. . . . Posted October 24, 2014

Many companies and organizations have finally seemed to grasp how important customer service is to their business and have taken steps to improve their customer engagement. Companies are starting to take advantage of the myriad solutions available to them to enhance their customer service—email management, agent desktop, knowledge management and others.

Just as these companies are getting a handle on today's customer engagement strategies, they will soon have to make another adjustment. If companies wish to retain current customers and attract new ones, they must shift their focus from traditional customer service to mobile customer engagement. . . .
Posted October 24, 2014

A mobile workforce changes the game in many ways. For one, having workers absent from their desks diminishes the interaction with colleagues—the water fountain/coffee room klatches—that can lead to helpful solutions and emerging insights. That kind of camaraderie should not be taken lightly. Mobile workers also need a very different infrastructure. There needs to be a means of supporting those who work from their cars, or their homes or from the beach for that matter. . . . Posted October 24, 2014

Downloadable from Google Play Posted October 01, 2014

Visibility of content sharing for enterprise compliance Posted September 22, 2014

Identity and access management Posted September 16, 2014

Dynamic access management, data security, compliance Posted September 05, 2014

Organizations need a platform to manage all of their information, wherever it resides and whatever the format, in compliance with growing regulations, often in multiple jurisdictions and demanding business requirements. In recent years, information governance has gained significant attention as the way to manage these multiple requirements. However, new trends constantly emerge, requiring companies to update how an information governance program is deployed—from managing policies to enforcing those policies across the complex corporate infrastructure. . . . Posted August 24, 2014

Bloomfire upgrades software with new release Posted August 21, 2014

Launches kiteworks content connectors for Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive Posted August 12, 2014

PowerDocs for the Salesforce1 Mobile App incorporates ERP, CRM data Posted August 11, 2014

Fast HTML5 document viewer for any device Posted July 24, 2014

In recent years, ECM vendors have had to adapt to BYOD policies and to the demands of users to work on mobile devices. Posted May 28, 2014

Pegasystems upgrades SFA platform Posted May 26, 2014

New version of SDL Web released Posted May 22, 2014

New capabilities for kiteworks Posted May 21, 2014

Coveo enhances solution Posted May 19, 2014

"Today's users are born multichannel, and they demand a smooth, positive experience." Posted April 29, 2014

Unveils Experience Suite platform Posted April 17, 2014

A paradigm shift is taking place in computing and the workplace. This paradigm shift is the new "wild west" of bring your own device (BYOD) to work. At times it is reminiscent of classic scenes from a western movie showdown, like those from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" featuring content, mobility and security. The pace of business mandates that users have the ability to work wherever and whenever the assignment necessitates. . . . Posted March 30, 2014

Introduces new desktop app Posted March 21, 2014

Upgrades Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint Posted February 28, 2014

Cloud-based, in-memory analytics service Posted January 29, 2014

Mobile-first design, enterprise scalability and security Posted January 28, 2014

Rapid development and deployment of smart capture apps Posted January 20, 2014

Enhanced information retrieval and management for smartphones and tablets Posted December 18, 2013

Strengthening telephony, CRM and collaboration features Posted December 12, 2013

To acquire mobile device management provider Fiberlink Communications Posted November 26, 2013

Introduces Coveo for Salesforce Communities Posted November 20, 2013

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