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Enterprise Search

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Search has to be more than finding documents. It needs to integrate complex content from multiple sources and provide the output as an information resource to decision makers. Posted March 31, 2013

We live in the information age when, in theory, millions of documents sit at our fingertips and are only a search away. In our personal lives, where "to Google" has become a common verb, this is certainly true—but in our professional lives, access to enterprise information is far less certain.

Any large organization builds up a huge amount of information, most of it as unstructured content, each week—and many have archives going back years or even decades. All this information could be used to provide background for proposals and projects, to inform business relationships, to enable collaboration, to avoid repetition of research, to repurpose content and generally to streamline. . . .
Posted March 26, 2013

We have entered the era of "big content" and there is no end in sight to the rapid growth of content. Analyst estimates have pegged the total amount of content in 2020 to blow past 40 zettabytes (ZB)—a figure that is difficult for even the most seasoned IT professional to wrap his head around. Because SharePoint has evolved into the content management platform of choice, a majority of this content will be stored, managed and organized within your SharePoint environment. When it comes to SharePoint, myriad problems arise when you deal with growing content across multiple farms in multiple physical locations. How can you effectively and efficiently manage terabytes of business content? Posted March 26, 2013

Turning information into strategic assets Posted March 22, 2013

Releases Semaphore 3.6 Posted March 21, 2013

Coveo brings insight to field service team Posted March 18, 2013

New version of Concordance Evolution from LexisNexis Posted March 12, 2013

"In my opinion, the reason why social search is a huge deal for both Facebook and Google is that the service allows precision-targeted advertising that is increasingly successful in achieving higher levels of revenue..." Posted March 12, 2013

Access to complete document library Posted March 07, 2013

..."Can companies that are based on traditional information retrieval foundations compete against specialist firms with purpose-built big data systems? Can a traditional search vendor play in the trend-setting big data world?..." Posted March 01, 2013

New Instaview templates from Pentaho Posted February 27, 2013

Enhanced search functionality Posted February 25, 2013

Lotus Notes and Atlassian Confluence added to Aspire suite Posted February 22, 2013

Accessing any content from any platform using any device Posted February 12, 2013

Dynamic taxonomies in large document sets Posted February 05, 2013

The next step is a user interface that more closely resembles how attorneys work.... Posted January 31, 2013

Releases ER/Studio XE3 Posted January 23, 2013

Flex Analytics partners with piXlogic Posted January 18, 2013

Attivio and QlikTech partner Posted January 14, 2013

Seamless integration with existing servers, databases and the document management system Posted January 07, 2013

Open source enterprise search expertise Posted January 03, 2013

Daegis upgrades its platform Posted December 21, 2012

Semantic tagging and linking platform Posted December 17, 2012

Linguamatics upgrades its platform Posted December 14, 2012

Significant release from kCura Posted December 11, 2012

SAS expands Security Intelligence initiative Posted December 06, 2012

Proliferation of data across all departments, including marketing, human resources, accounting and field sales Posted December 05, 2012

At the Enterprise Search Summit, Martin White, author of Enterprise Search, shared his 12 critical success factors for enterprise search now and for the future. Posted December 05, 2012

Knowledge workers might be looking at the same body of data, but they use different terms to talk about it . . . Posted December 01, 2012

BA Insight unveils new Longitude Connector Posted November 28, 2012

LucidWorks Big Data available Posted November 26, 2012

Coveo and Sitecore renew partnership for customer experience Posted November 19, 2012

Better organization, search and business insights Posted November 19, 2012

Metalogix introduces Content Matrix 6.0 Posted November 05, 2012

Revelant individual patients information Posted November 05, 2012

Ensures fully searchable backend systems withinin SharePoint Posted October 31, 2012

Early recognition, sensitive data assessment Posted October 29, 2012

Also available for Office 365 Posted October 24, 2012

Unveils new version of Text Miner Posted October 09, 2012

Consistent keyword extraction Posted October 05, 2012

"The bring-your-own-device model for work has added to the storage problem because work and personal services are becoming interwoven..." Posted September 29, 2012

Advanced enterprise indexing Posted September 10, 2012

"This marks the tenth anniversary of our Trend-Setting Products list..." Posted September 01, 2012

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