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Enterprise Search

Are we over-thinking the concepts of enterprise search—over-engineering what it's about and how it works? Isn't it about finding the most relevant documents or pieces of information quickly, so that you can focus on getting your job done?... Posted May 04, 2009

According to IDC, enterprise content is growing at 80% per year. At this rate, the volume of data stored in many organizations may measurably reach the point of "too much information"—in other words, where levels of information... Posted May 04, 2009

At this moment, only two specialized applications in the enterprise search market exist that show growth potential: those that are used to investigate the fall-out of the credit crisis and those used by organizations as part of their defense... Posted May 04, 2009

"I wish I could find information to do my job better." At first it seems like a simple request. But as you begin to peel back the layers of this onion, you quickly see how difficult it is: Develop a search strategy. Determine which data needs... Posted May 04, 2009

I went into this month's article research cycle expecting doom and gloom reports from the edge of the economic cliff. After all, when companies are laying off thousands upon thousands, and financial institutions are circling the drain... Posted May 04, 2009

...The most interesting development for me in the last month or two is Google's Voice service. In March, Google made available a service that offers users a single telephone number and a bevy of features. Google's interest in telecommunications, mobile devices and on-the-go search reaches back to the company's earliest days. Few know that Google co-founder Sergey Brin is the inventor of one of Google's patents filed in February 2001, "Voice Interface for a Search Engine," US7027987... Posted May 01, 2009

When it comes to data sharing by law enforcement agencies, the primary obstacles are not usually technological, but territorial. Agencies understandably want to retain authority over areas, both geographical and functional, for which they are held responsible. Still, at a time when resources are scarce and demands are many, more law enforcement organizations are participating in data sharing systems, and have reaped significant benefits... Posted May 01, 2009

Attensity forms new group Posted April 20, 2009

Enhance digital asset management Posted April 20, 2009

Inmagic releases Genie 3.3 Posted April 15, 2009

DocuShare takes more big steps Posted April 06, 2009

Partners with Bell Mobility Posted April 06, 2009

Posted April 06, 2009

Customer care contact centers and IT departments in large and small enterprises across the world are being asked to tighten their budgets—without sacrificing customer service or business productivity. We've all been there: Struggling to find a way to get more out of our contact center and help desk agents; looking for new ways to get calls out of queues; and begging other departments to pitch in... Posted April 01, 2009

According to the Service and Support Professional Association (SSPA), 80% of the time and costs for service support lies in problem resolution. Problem resolution management still remains an art, and the task is becoming increasingly difficult because products are becoming more complex, the range of product to support is becoming wider and there is a high staff turnover... Posted April 01, 2009

Google's spring campaign probes the Microsoft enterprise stronghold in a direct way...It's using search, applications, maps and a SWAT team of resellers... Posted April 01, 2009

Search is an ongoing endeavor in most knowledge-driven organizations. Workers spend a lot of time searching for information, and often don't find what they want. If the search solutions available to an organization are not achieving the desired results, several options are available to enhance performance without the need for a complete overhaul. Posted April 01, 2009

Posted April 01, 2009

Endeca releases new McKinley search platform Posted March 25, 2009

Concept Searching supports SharePoint Content Types Posted March 18, 2009

Native 64-bit capabilities Posted March 18, 2009

Queplix unveils broad new offering Posted March 11, 2009

VYRE debuts Unify 4.4 Posted March 04, 2009

Enherent Corp. and Attensity partner Posted March 02, 2009

Posted March 01, 2009

Posted March 01, 2009

Posted March 01, 2009

Posted March 01, 2009

Posted March 01, 2009

Publishing this list is the most difficult project KMWorld undertakes every year, and I've been heading the effort since it began in 2000. Our somewhat informal judging process taps the individual and collective wisdom of colleagues, analysts, system integrators and even a selected group of users... Posted March 01, 2009

Cuculi wait until another bird is preoccupied, then, with the coast clear, they will lay an egg in the other bird's nest... Posted March 01, 2009

Posted March 01, 2009

Introduces ControlPoint for Multimedia Posted February 25, 2009

Enhancing content monetization Posted February 25, 2009

Integrates with Interwoven Posted February 23, 2009

Kazeon extends platform Posted February 18, 2009

New offering powered by Teragram Posted February 18, 2009

Open Text upgrades Web Solutions Posted February 04, 2009

Endeca and Kalypso partner Posted February 04, 2009

Posted February 02, 2009

Posted February 02, 2009

KMWorld magazine recently hosted a roundtable discussion that focused on e-discovery. We reproduce the conversation here because of its uniquely comprehensive view of e-discovery, from the nitty-gritty details to the overall impact... Posted February 02, 2009

In recent months, we have witnessed the evolution of document review and analysis, otherwise known as "search," in the context of legal discovery and electronic information management. Courts and practitioners have recognized that... Posted February 02, 2009

Imagine: Company A and Company B each receive notice of litigation and are given 100 days to pull together all documents deemed relevant to the cases being brought against them. Both will undergo the process of e-discovery... Posted February 02, 2009

With the implementation of FRE 502, the use of advanced analytical software such as concept searching in your review platform becomes an important tool in preventing inadvertent waiver of privilege. Concept searching can also play a critical role... Posted February 02, 2009

Interest in electronic discovery within many organizations has risen in the past four years. One telling data point is the relative rise in search queries on Google for the term "ediscovery". A report from Google Insights for Search shows a spike... Posted February 02, 2009

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