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Enterprise Application Integration

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Posted July 22, 2009

Attensity forms new group Posted April 20, 2009

Publishing this list is the most difficult project KMWorld undertakes every year, and I've been heading the effort since it began in 2000. Our somewhat informal judging process taps the individual and collective wisdom of colleagues, analysts, system integrators and even a selected group of users... Posted March 01, 2009

E-mail continuity in the cloud Posted November 24, 2008

Introduces open software tools, services Posted September 04, 2008

Attensity unveils Market Voice Posted June 09, 2008

Kofax unveils Communication Server 8.0 Posted June 05, 2008

Boosts e-discovery, compliance capabilities Posted April 07, 2008

So why do these companies matter? Not necessarily because they are the most innovative, but that's a factor. Not because they are ahead of the curve on Enterprise 2.0 initiatives, but that's also a factor.Not because they are the most financially successful (that's not a factor), and not because they have the most efficient marketing engines—that's not a factor either.We have long held that the true essence of knowledge management is an attitude, a single-minded commitment to improvement. Posted February 29, 2008

Posted February 11, 2008

Deal worth $8.5 billion Posted January 16, 2008

Service-oriented architecture provides services, both simple and complex, that can benefit users of a broad range of business applications, and enhance productivity. Posted December 28, 2007

Open Text releases Genio 7 Posted December 10, 2007

Alfresco raises the bar Posted December 05, 2007

Connectbeam releases new appliance Posted November 12, 2007

Selecting winners for these awards gets more difficult each year. When we handed out the first ones at the 2001 KMWorld conference, we received roughly 20 nominations for each category. The number of submissions has grown each year since then; we received more than 175 (both formal and informal) this year, and paring them down to these finalists was especially tough... Posted November 01, 2007

Whitehill Technologies and Redwood Analytics partner Posted September 05, 2007

Connotate: Agent Community GEN2.0, Copyright Clearance Center: Rightsphere, Coveo: Coveo Audio Visual Search, eGAin: eGain OnDemand Posted August 31, 2007

Assembling this list is never easy, but for the editorial colleagues, analysts, integrators and select group of users who chose which products belong on it, this year has been especially difficult. Posted August 31, 2007

iWay 2007 released Posted August 29, 2007

BPM and workflow solutions Posted August 13, 2007

Composite Information Server 4.5 Posted July 09, 2007

MarkLogic's XML content server Posted May 23, 2007

Siderean's Seamark Navigator 4.5 Posted May 14, 2007

Name better reflects mission Posted May 14, 2007

Posted May 09, 2007

Fiorano unveils new product Posted April 25, 2007

BEA unveils Web 2.0 offerings Posted April 09, 2007

About a year ago, Dr. Michael Koenig wrote in these pages that unlike many business “fads,” knowledge management didn’t fall into the typical 10-year pattern of boom and bust, with four or five years of explosive growth, followed by a slightly longer period of almost equally dramatic decline. His conclusion: KM is here to stay. Posted March 01, 2007

X1 integrates with Symantec Posted March 01, 2007

Open Text launches Livelink 10 Posted December 28, 2006

Fiorano unveils Component Gallery Posted November 06, 2006

BPO for Web 2.0 Posted October 27, 2006

Posted October 25, 2006

Posted September 27, 2006

SOA registry and governance Posted September 11, 2006

Posted September 06, 2006

Posted August 30, 2006

Posted August 23, 2006

BEA acquires Flashline Posted August 23, 2006

WebMethods adds metadata management Posted August 21, 2006

Fiorano enhances Service Pack Posted August 21, 2006

All cash, $1.6 billion Posted August 10, 2006

Platform upgrade from Contextware Posted August 09, 2006

Inxight partners for government operations Posted August 07, 2006

Lombardi and Covestic form alliance Posted August 02, 2006

Enterprise 2.0 from KnowNow Posted July 31, 2006

Posted July 24, 2006

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