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New digital experience delivery model Posted June 30, 2015

Combining content collaboration, analytics and social solutions Posted June 26, 2015

Cloud-based collaborative learning Posted June 25, 2015

Launches Live Transform Posted June 22, 2015

New version of Prizm Content Connect Posted June 15, 2015

Enterprisewide document and data discovery Posted June 02, 2015

Introduces CognitiveU for system integrators Posted June 01, 2015

Real-time social customer service and engagement Posted May 29, 2015

Semantic technology for cognitive computing Posted May 28, 2015

The global market for enterprise content management is expected to reach over $9 billion by 2018. Posted May 28, 2015

Initiative to automate its processes Posted May 27, 2015

Insight into disparate, unstructured content Posted May 21, 2015

Unveils Ringtail Audio Discovery Posted May 20, 2015

XMT brings artificial intelligence to real-time translation Posted May 15, 2015

Launches Peer Delivery Posted May 14, 2015

Integrating Box and K2 Posted May 11, 2015

Releases new version of Perimeter Posted May 08, 2015

Updates to Thesaurus Master, M.A.I. and XIS Posted May 05, 2015

V. 9.5 delivers insight into information, processes and performance Posted May 04, 2015

User-generated collaborative intranet pages Posted May 01, 2015

Allows access to Dropbox folders within Incentive's social collaboration platform Posted April 29, 2015

TITUS releases Classification Suite 4 Posted April 28, 2015

Best-practice organizations use peer feedback and recommendations to guide their content strategies and connect people to the best stuff. Posted April 28, 2015

Launches new version of SDL Campaigns Posted April 27, 2015

Synchronizes more than 50,000 policies and procedures across its healthcare network Posted April 27, 2015

Integrates Bloomfire's social knowledge management platform Posted April 22, 2015

Releases Archive Manager 7.0 Posted April 21, 2015

Completely redesigned user experience Posted April 20, 2015

Reduced costs and greater ease of deployment for Web initiatives Posted April 20, 2015

Improved access and enterprise content sharing Posted April 17, 2015

Increased patient engagement and population health management Posted April 14, 2015

Metadata generation and taxonomy management Posted April 13, 2015

Launches Prizm Content Connect V. 10.0 Posted April 10, 2015

Adds contract lifecycle management and accounts payable to SharePoint solutions Posted April 09, 2015

Speeds translation for enhanced customer experiences Posted April 07, 2015

Launches with ZL Enterprise Analytics Posted April 06, 2015

Flexible, easy-to-deploy solution Posted April 06, 2015

Introduces I2E Version 4.3 Posted April 03, 2015

Boosts cloud platform growth Posted April 01, 2015

Best-practice organizations use process maps, team sites and mobile apps to get content in front of the right people at the right time. Posted March 31, 2015

Extending Expert System's Cogito semantic technology Posted March 30, 2015

Releases Manage 4 Posted March 26, 2015

Deal valued at $1 billion Posted March 24, 2015

Nestled in northernmost of New Jersey, Sussex County may not have the population of its more urban eastern brethren, but certainly is at the head of the pack in ways to make government more efficient.

Like many organizations, Sussex County was drowning in paper, saddled with outdated work processes and facing increasing records compliance requirements. While other governments purchased enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to manage records only to become just electronic file cabinets of scanned paper, Sussex wanted more . . . .
Posted March 24, 2015

All organizations have it. It's the human intelligence found in every organization, every impression, perception, experience, decision and reasoning process of the people around you. It's found in e-mails, contracts, technical documents, meeting notes, blog posts, proposals, project plans, online chats, customer support records and more. It's stored in content management systems, on file shares and personal hard drives and in your applications . . Posted March 24, 2015

Enterprise content management systems have truly changed the way organizations work. The big players—EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, Microsoft SharePoint and OpenText—have in many ways transformed day-to-day document-centric processes, helping to automate tedious manual tasks and increase business efficiency. Still, something is missing; we haven't quite achieved panacea... yet . . . . Posted March 24, 2015

It is difficult to talk about managing enterprise content without mentioning electronic signatures. E-signatures make it possible to create end-to-end digital workflows. They help maximize ROI from ECM, while enhancing productivity, compliance, security and analytics. For these reasons, we're seeing a spike in e-signature implementations with storage and collaboration tools like Box, Microsoft SharePoint and other ECM technologies . . . . Posted March 24, 2015

January's report from the Cloud Security Alliance, "Cloud Adoption Practices & Priorities Survey," only confirmed what every other such survey has said for the past year or so: Most organizations are forging ahead with cloud adoption; and most are still pretty worried about data security . . . . Posted March 24, 2015

The fast-paced, social-mobile digital workplace of today has outstripped the capabilities of what enterprise content management (ECM) was originally intended to do—to store and organize content.

Today's organizational challenge, however, is not simply about archiving and delivering data. Digital business strategies now dictate, and rightly so, that we harness the data that we capture and put it in the hands of the right individuals—at the right time and in the right context . . . .
Posted March 24, 2015

Is your ECM solution stuck in 2005? Many organizations deploy enterprise content management (ECM) solutions with the best of intentions—to digitize all their content, automate their processes, eliminate silos of information and provide access to all. However, the reality is that for most, the initial deployment and training associated with an ECM project is about as far as they get . . . . Posted March 24, 2015

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