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Business Process Management

Posted October 17, 2006

Cartesis releases Intercompany 5.0 Posted October 11, 2006

Alfresco adds WCM Posted October 02, 2006

IBM has announced its intention to acquire FileNet by year-end for approximately $1.6 billion in cash or about $35 per share. What does this mean to the enterprise content management (ECM) industry?... Posted September 29, 2006

Posted September 27, 2006

Imagenation 8 Svp1 from Spicer Posted September 11, 2006

Expanding collaborative visualization Posted September 11, 2006

SOA registry and governance Posted September 11, 2006

Posted September 11, 2006

Select Trend-Setting Products Posted August 23, 2006

Posted August 23, 2006

BEA acquires Flashline Posted August 23, 2006

Information Builders releases Resource Analyzer Posted August 21, 2006

WebMethods adds metadata management Posted August 21, 2006

All cash, $1.6 billion Posted August 10, 2006

Acquisition boosts capabilities Posted August 09, 2006

All-cash deal for $489 million Posted August 09, 2006

Posted August 09, 2006

Documentum delivers two complementary solutions Posted August 07, 2006

Emptoris acquires MindFlow Posted August 02, 2006

Lombardi and Covestic form alliance Posted August 02, 2006

BEA launches WebLogic 9.2 Posted July 17, 2006

New solutions from Ultimus Posted July 05, 2006

Metastorm offers BPM connectors Posted June 28, 2006

Request and approval management software Posted June 12, 2006

Business process management (BPM) is the most complex of content management technologies. Hosted BPM services reduce the complexity of integration and management, promote ease of use and cut costs. Posted May 26, 2006

Canto announces CanFlow Posted March 15, 2006

Posted February 27, 2006

Posted February 24, 2006

Collaborate on BPM solutions Posted February 21, 2006

Posted January 25, 2006

Experian tackles uncollected debt Posted January 25, 2006

PCLawPlus and PCLawPro practice management software Posted January 25, 2006

Library Central from MatrixOne Posted January 18, 2006

Introduces AssureNET GL Posted January 09, 2006

Business process management (BPM) is proving to be a versatile and valuable solution for companies across many sectors. Its use can grow incrementally, and eventually interconnect multiple functional areas. Posted January 01, 2006

Fall is one of the most popular times to announce new automobiles. It's also vendor announcement season in the information technology (IT) business. Posted January 01, 2006

Posted January 01, 2006

Posted January 01, 2006

Posted January 01, 2006

Posted January 01, 2006

Posted January 01, 2006

Posted January 01, 2006

Business process management—do you even know what the phrase means? If not, you are not alone. Business process management— or BPM—refers to the ability to define, model, streamline, analyze and improve business processes. Successful BPM initiatives usually involve a mix of technology, process definition exercises and ultimately some degree of operational change within an organization. Posted January 01, 2006

BPM May Have Become a Team Sport, But Who’s the Coach? Business process management (BPM) has long been the domain of the line-of-business managers who directly benefit from process automation initiatives. Stands to reason; efforts to create efficient business processes logically emerge from the groups who are commissioned to either (a.) save money; or (b.) do something better; or (c.) all the above. But that very inducement to effect change at a department-by-department pace has led to many problems for information technology (IT) staffs. And they haven’t always taken kindly to it. Posted January 01, 2006

Business cycles are more compressed. Markets are changing more rapidly and in less predictable ways. Factors such as economic swings, value chain dynamics, regulations, and compliance issues mean that processes that worked for your company yesterday may not be the answer today. The key is to see the impact of the changes to an organization’s business faster, create a new approach quickly and then act on it more nimbly than your competition. Posted January 01, 2006

Imagine that your company is growing fast, putting you in constant hiring mode. You need to find an outstanding candidate to fill a very important managerial role within your organization. Would you hire a candidate who had no experience? Probably not. Why should choosing a business process management (BPM) system be any different? Organizations turn to BPM technology to manage and orchestrate high value-added business processes. Posted January 01, 2006

Excelling in the business processes that drive operational performance is becoming the key to success for today’s business managers. Business process management (BPM) software enables organizations to improve and automate their business processes by executing processes and managing the flow of activities. Business activity monitoring (BAM) is a complementary technology... Posted January 01, 2006

Over the past few years, business process management (BPM) has radically transformed the business world. Because of the tremendous gains companies have attained, BPM has become a corporate rallying point and key driver for business performance. And yet, we are on the cusp of yet another wave of business improvements that will be delivered through BPM. Posted January 01, 2006

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