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Business Process Management

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Integrify adds Plug-In Central Posted February 07, 2007

CYA tackles IBM FileNet Posted February 07, 2007

AssureNET Express from Trintech Posted February 05, 2007

Posted February 05, 2007

Take aim at key vertical markets Posted January 29, 2007

Global 360 introduces G360 Case Manager 10.0 Posted January 24, 2007

KANA launches on-demand solutions Posted January 22, 2007

WebMethods ups the ante Posted January 15, 2007

Posted January 15, 2007

End-to-end order management Posted January 15, 2007

Full life cycle document solutions Posted January 10, 2007

New data presentation features Posted January 03, 2007

IBM + FileNet Global leaders in Enterprise Content & Business Process Management KMWorld Corporate Positioning Statements: IBM + FileNet Posted January 01, 2007

KMWorld Corporate Positioning Statement: Kana Posted January 01, 2007

Metastorm, Inc.: BPM Software Suite Posted January 01, 2007

Appian Corporation: Enterprise BPM Suite Posted January 01, 2007

About 11 years ago, a group of us were starting to ask ourselves whether all this "information management stuff" might have a greater purpose than merely to store information in a file server somewhere. That maybe—just maybe—information could be applied to the type of work and to the level of decision-making taking place in business at such a famously accelerated pace. And in providing that information to the right person at the right time, the promise of a truly knowledge-based economy could be realized. In the 10 years since ImagingWorld became KMWorld magazine, we've tried to address the discipline (practice? theory? religion?) of knowledge management from each of its well-known constituent components—people, process, technology. Posted January 01, 2007

Evolving business process management (BPM) capabilities are improving process automation, allowing deeper integration with Microsoft Office, and offering a better understanding of process efficiency through use of business intelligence (BI). Posted January 01, 2007

Interactive BPM is a powerful and flexible capability that enables business professionals to view real-time performance metrics and to make changes to business processes dynamically. The first component of interactive BPM is business activity monitoring (BAM) which provides visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs). However, providing a “warning” when KPIs fall outside targeted levels is not enough. Posted January 01, 2007

A dashboard is a vital tool for monitoring the daily health of your organization. From a single interface, decision makers have access to key performance indicators (KPIs)—actionable information that can be used to effectively guide and track business performance. Posted January 01, 2007

"How can I approve this customer's commercial loan application? I can't even find all the documents and email communications related to the initial request..." This scenario is increasingly common and stems from the fact that organizations deploying business process management (BPM) solutions... Posted January 01, 2007

Businesses run on large, complex networks of underlying processes. Settling billing disputes, introducing new products, procuring goods and services, issuing loans, managing inventory—the quality and efficiency of these processes drive sustainable competitive advantages for the business. Posted January 01, 2007

Automation, automation, automation. Like the old maxim concerning real estate (“Location, location, location ...”) it sometimes seems that business process management (BPM) software vendors tout the virtues of process automation to the exclusion of all else. Yes, process automation is a significant BPM benefit. Posted January 01, 2007

The traditional world of business process management (BPM) is changing dramatically. BPM has already progressed from a niche solution automating administrative processes to a strategic business tool being used to standardize mission-critical operations. With the maturation of BPM suites, we are seeing a change. Posted January 01, 2007

Many business process management suite (BPMS) solutions are falling short of their promise to give organizations an end-to-end view of business processes. In most organizations, processes live in a variety of business systems within the enterprise. Thus, organizations will inevitably have to contend with the challenge. Posted January 01, 2007

In the fast moving world in which we operate, there are many sources of frustration. How many times have you had a great idea, only to be beat out by your competition before you could bring it to fruition? Or worse, watched your competitors take advantage of an opportunity that you did not even know existed. Posted January 01, 2007

A lot of people I meet from “the real world”—at cocktail parties, kids’ sports events, community activities—have a really hard time grasping the abstraction of information management from that of what they do on a day-to-day basis. Posted January 01, 2007

Qumas tackles life sciences Posted December 05, 2006

Managing customer information Posted December 05, 2006

Posted December 05, 2006

EMC Documentum introduces OEM offerings Posted November 27, 2006

Posted November 27, 2006

Posted November 08, 2006

Fiorano unveils Component Gallery Posted November 06, 2006

In the five years we have offered the KM Promise and Reality Awards, we have received more than 1,000 submissions. Some of them described exquisite triumphs of technology and implementation; some of them sheer folly... Posted October 27, 2006

BPO for Web 2.0 Posted October 27, 2006

Posted October 17, 2006

Cartesis releases Intercompany 5.0 Posted October 11, 2006

Alfresco adds WCM Posted October 02, 2006

IBM has announced its intention to acquire FileNet by year-end for approximately $1.6 billion in cash or about $35 per share. What does this mean to the enterprise content management (ECM) industry?... Posted September 29, 2006

Posted September 27, 2006

Imagenation 8 Svp1 from Spicer Posted September 11, 2006

Expanding collaborative visualization Posted September 11, 2006

SOA registry and governance Posted September 11, 2006

Posted September 11, 2006

Select Trend-Setting Products Posted August 23, 2006

Posted August 23, 2006

BEA acquires Flashline Posted August 23, 2006

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